Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Favorite Pages of the Contributors!

I decided a few days ago that I wanted to share a post on which layouts are my favorites from the contributors. That proved to be a hard task. You see, I have several favorite from each person's galleries and picking just ONE was hard!! I finally chose my favorite and I am going to explain why each layout is my favorite! I know you will find inspiration in these!!

I am going to go in reverse alphabetical order! So Susan is up first. While in Susan's gallery trying to figure out which amazing layout was my favorite, I came upon this layout "Daydreamers" again. I am in love withe the whimsical nature of this page and the many types of borders! The bling flourishes really finish off the page well as well and the butterflies and flowers! A really fabulously done page!

Next, is Sarah! Sarah's gallery is filled with so many fabulous choices! I came upon this "Wearing Pink" page again and I was in awe! I love everything about this page! The colors, ribbons, and flowers really compliment the page well! The ruffled ribbon is really beautiful on this page. I adore this so much!

It's Julie's turn! I love looking through Julie's gallery! Picking my favorite was harder than I thought! I couldn't pass up on this "Beach Bums" page. The playful nature of the page and the rays of the sun are amazing! Plus those waves and the embellishments ... his page rocks!! I also love the stitching for the rays!

On to Heather! Looking through Heather's gallery is fun! I love how she does both traditional and digital pages! So, picking a favorite was twice as hard ;) . I chose the page "Christmas Spirit" for several reasons. I am diggin' the shape of the background paper and I also love how she stuck three photos inside! That layered flower on top rocks and I love the star in the middle!! A great Christmas page.

It's Dolores's turn! If you haven't seen Dolores's gallery yet, you have to check it out! It was fun choosing a favorite page of hers! I chose the page "Close to You" because it was too gorgeous to pass up! There are so many beautiful aspects to this! Check out the the contrast in flowers and gorgeous decorative frame around the circles. I also love that she chose a patterned paper for the background!

Now it is time for my favorite layout from Delaina! While checking out Delaina's gallery I see there are so many options! I almost picked a brand new page, but I decided to share this page "One Happy Summer Day." There are many things that drew me into this page! I adore the bright colors and the embellishments. My most favorite thing about this page is the finished off flower by sewing!! It is such a neat technique!

Cindy's gallery is filled with so much eye candy and again made it hard to chose my favorite! I chose the page "Turning One" because it was such fabulously designed page and used so many circles. I love how she made this into a two page layout and also cropped her photos to fit into the circle! As you may know I love circles, so this page really inspires me! A beautiful page.

Lastly, it's Cathy's turn! Cathy's gallery also has both digital and traditional pages. It was hard to pick my favorite in her gallery and I ended up choosing "Resolve" because it really inspired me! I love the kraft on green, the way she did the journaling, and the neat way she angled the title. I really like how she included a photo of herself at the top. It really all fits together so nicely!

I hope you will find inspiration in these pages!! :)


  1. I just loved reading about all you faves here Pam...Thanks!!!

  2. I agree with Delaina. I like this post. We all know what we consider to be our personal faves, but it's always neat to see what someone else chooses as theirs. Thanks for posting this Pam. :)

  3. This is a great post Pam. Really enjoyed reading what caught your eye and what inspired you. It's got my mojo jump started!

  4. Such a cool idea for a post! I really enjoyed reading it!