Saturday, February 13, 2010

“Cartoonish” Scalloped Border

When I was in the process of creating this layout, I tried to keep it fun and kind of “cartoonish” in feel. So when I decided that I wanted to create a scalloped frame border, using a regular punch just didn’t work for me. It looked too uniform… too perfect. I sat there for a bit with my wheels turning, staring at the various embellishments and supplies that were sitting on my scrap table, when the idea hit me.

Using nothing more than a chipboard heart, I came up with a very simple way of making a free-styled looking border. Since it’s something I knew I’d use over and over, I decided to go ahead and make a template so I’d have it around for future use.

To make a border template of your own, all you’ll need is a piece of cardstock, a chipboard heart, a pencil and a pair of scissors.

Begin at one of the corners and simply work your way around, by tracing the upper half of the heart. With each new trace, be sure to flip the heart from side to side and slant it back and forth at different angles. By doing so, you’ll keep the design interesting and fun. Remember… you don’t want perfection or uniformity.

Once you’ve gone all the way around the sheet of cardstock, you should have something that looks like this:

Then simply cut out your template. You’re done!

Now it’s just a matter of tracing the template onto your choice of patterned paper or cardstock and cutting out the design. If you happen to be a doodler, like me, I find that a simple doodled line around the edge really adds a nice detail. It tends to give it that “cartoonish” touch that I was referring to earlier.

Have Fun!


  1. I have a pug named Lulu. You can see her on my blog.

  2. I just love this idea!!! Easy to do and it comes out with a very 'professional' finish! the extra detailing Julie did with the pen!!

    ~Gabi :)

  3. I love this border!!!

  4. Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today (look for timestamp: [16 Feb 01:00pm GMT]).

  5. Such a cute idea! And you know how partial I am to pugs! LOL