Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Designer Showcase: 30 minute pages!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Ideas for Scrapbookers is starting something new every other Wednesday! There will be a specific theme and some of the contributors will share pages and/or projects! So, today we kick it off with a theme everyone can get into, creating 30 minute pages. Lets face it ... sometimes we are short on time, but that doesn't mean our pages have to look like it!

First I am sharing my 30 minute page. The hardest thing was creating the large "7"." I did that by printing the "7" in reverse onto the backside of my cardstock and cutting the image out. From there it was pretty easy to complete! The wavy cardstock on the side is just a piece diecut paper.

Next, this is a page by Julie! She created this neat page with one large photo, but made it look more involved by adding different letters for the title. It makes it look like it took longer, but this page still took under 30 mins!

This page by Cindy is a great example of how you can have cool photo designs and still create it in a snap! Isn't it cool how she cropped the boots out into a circular photo? With some rounded corners and a quick title, you can achieve this same look in no time!

The next example is a page made by Heather! She used two photos and a few pieces of cardstock to start off her page. To dress it up a little she outlined her photo and paper block with square line. It really finishes off the page nicely and this was still done under 30 minutes!

Lastly, I am sharing a cool page by Cathy! She took an upcropped photo, matted it on an die cut piece of paper, and added some accents. Can you believe this is a 30 minute page! You can achieve this look by using pre-cut paper and easy stick on embellishments.

I hope you are inspired to create some quick pages! Take the tips I posted here and make your own! Send me an email if you want your page to be featured on the blog!