Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Half Circle template for those multiple picture Layouts!

For so long I found that I was creating layouts with just one photo. When you have that very expressive image that steals your attention, I still find that I love to scrap that one special photo.  However, when I don't have that one WOW photo but I have a few that are really nice, or I just can't choose one picture, a layout with multiple photos is great. Today I have a template to share that puts three photos in focus. Here is my layout using the template titled "What I see in you."  These pictures are of my niece who I love to have visit.  She has beautiful blue green eyes, but none of my photos really captured that, however all of them I still liked. 
The template has half circles and paper strips for the background layers, so I have called this the half circle template.  Here is the sketch for our paper scrapbookers.

For our digital scrapbookers I have a template created in PhotoShop Elements.  I have loaded it to two different file sharing sites in case one is not compatible with your browser.  Just click on the file name for your preferred site.

Hope you enjoy the template.  Happy scrapping!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Digi Tip MAy 2011: Only the Shadow Knows!

OK, so that pulp character was way before my time! But still a classic line!  Cathy here to share this month's digi tip and it is all about shadows! I'm going to share some basic shadowing techniques you can use for digital scrapbooking in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

I'm using Photoshop CS4 in my examples and screenshots. These are all basic tools that are available in earlier versions of PS (and PSE) as well. The PSE screens will look different.

Shadows are a very subjective item in digital scrapping. So everything that I am sharing here is just a starting point.  Play with the settings, modify them, nudge them and tweak them. Make the shadows your very own!

To me there is no one set way to do shadows for every item.  You'll want to change up the setting for the type of item you're casting a shadow for, the depth of the shadow, as well as the intensity of the paper the shadow is being cast upon.

I'm starting out with a flower on a kraft paper background. In the above image there is no shadow applied. In PS to apply a shadow, click on the element layer to make it active (in this case the flower layer) and then click on the Add Layer Style button at the bottom of the layers palette (fx) , select Drop Shadow from the drop down menu that appears.  In PSE you can select Layer > Layer Style > Style Settings from the menu (or fx in the Effects palette).

The Layer Style window opens. Notice that Drop Shadow is checked on the far left side. The things that I change in my shadows are: the blend mode, color, opacity, angle, distance and size. I like my light source to be the upper right corner, so I set the angle to 45.  For an item such as the flower I would set the distance and size to between 25-30.  For the color, I pick a warm brown. In this case color #2c1a04

The default blend mode in Photoshop is Multiple.  You can use this. I prefer Linear Burn. This blend mode is very similar to multiple in that it increases the intensity of the blended image (combining the colors of this layer and the layer beneath it), but with linear burn it does so over the individual color channels of the bottom layer, where as multiple does it for the average color of the bottom layer.

Umm, that was a lot of techno babble, what did she just say? Basically linear burn mode has the same effect as multiple, but linear burn picks up on subtle differences in color of the bottom layer. So if your shadow is being cast on patterned or textured paper, it will produce a variant blend giving your shadow subtle color differences.  In other words... extra realism!

Linear burn mode will be quite a bit more intense than multiple, so you;ll want to bring the opacity down to around 40%.
Let's take a look at how this shadow compares to the default shadow. In the above image, both shadows are set at the same size, distance and angle and they both look nice. The one on the right is using the default blend mode of multiple and the default color of black.  The one on the left is using the linear burn blend with the other custom settings. It just appears a bit more warm and natural.

 Depending on what you are creating a shadow for, you'll be adjusting the distance and size sliders to the most appropriate looking shadow.  Above is just a sampling of some settings you may want to try for  different elements such as stitches, ribbons, beads and buttons.

Don't be afraid to step into the Dark Shadows on your next project. OK so that TV series was during my time, and yes I do mean the original. And yes, I'm looking forward to the movie with Johnny Depp!  But before that will be available for your viewing pleasure, I'll be back next month with some more advanced shadowing techniques.  So until then, have fun playing in the shadows!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Featured Artist: Garden Inspired Scrapbooking by Mitra!

Happy Friday. First before I introduce our featured artist for today, I want to point out that you can now follow the blog by email! How exciting huh? Just enter your email on the top right bar and get email notifications of all of the posts so you don't miss a thing.. :) We have lots of totally cool posts coming up including a new game called "pass the layout" which I am totally exciting about!!
Today I am sharing a previous awesome  featured artist named Mitra. Please visit her to get to know her by her first intro as well as her great post on Stamp Versatility(it's such a cool post)! Click here to view.  I am honored to once again feature her with another fabulous idea! One I have not done yet. It is all about scrapping your garden and creating a mini book all about it. I think my absolute favorite page in there is where she describes the pollinators and draws a diagram! How totally cool to add to a page. Also, don't forgot to stop by Mitra's fabulous blog for lots of ideas and more: http://mitralee.blogspot.com/ .  Enjoy this post :)

Garden Inspired Scrapbooking by Mitra

Hey there from upstate NY! It’s finally getting sunny here although we have had plenty of rain.  I keep reminding myself how great that is for the garden! I wanted to share some pages about gardening that hopefully will inspire you to photograph your flowers, veggies, and the visitors to your garden or container plants on your patio.
I have recently moved and the year before, I kept a garden scrapbook. I didn’t know we were moving and had put 10 years of sweat into gardens that thankfully were documented in a little book. It’s priceless to me now! Might not be the most amazing scrapbooking, but it’s a great memory book for me! I used a 6 by 6 3-ring binder. If you’re not big on a smaller sized album, maybe you can use 12 by 12 and just include with your other pages.  The nice part about a three ring binder is that you can also include the tags off your flowers and plants so you may be able to remember year to year what you’ve planted and what the requirements are. (wash them off first of course!)
Here are some photos from my book.

I divided it into four seasons with little page dividers. My goal each season was to take a few hours and scrap up some smaller pages of blooms, gardens, and projects.  That way it wasn’t an overwhelming proposition.
Here are a couple of more garden pages that are larger sized. The lily page I made ages ago, but includes a hand sketch of how I laid out my lily garden.

And here is another I made just the other day for my neighbor Shirley after she asked me to walk over and take some photos of her amazing daffodils! I printed out a background of her house and flowers and used that paper to scrap other photos of her plants.

Let me know how this blog post inspired you! Happy scrappin’ and gardening!


Thanks Mitra for sharing such a cool idea with us all!! :-)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reader's Pages!!

Today is great day!! Why you ask? Because there are so many great reader's page and you know how much I adore reader's pages! It is such an honor when someone uses an idea, template or tutorial from the blog. Let's get started and get ready for some great layout eye candy!

Up first is a page by a scrapper I have known on scrapbook.com for quite sometime! Her name is Erin and she created her page using inspiration from from the Nine Shaped Template. You can see and download digital template here! I love how she used a big "m" and also the different shaped photos ... brilliant idea. You can visit Erin's blog at http://togetherforgood.wordpress.com/ to find more her great projects and inspiration!
Here are some of the items she used for her page: Patterned papers, glitter, and flowers are from the Mayflowers blog hop by Colie's Corner (http://www.coliescorner.blogspot.com), Isabel Mendez (crisdamdesigns.com), and Sherry Ferguson (http://sherryfergusondesigns.blogspot.com). Also Vine by Delicious Scraps, Frame by Mama Llama Lisa Designs, Word Art by Aida Scraps, and Fancy paper strip is by KitKat Scraps. 

Next up we have a gorgeous page created by Patricia using the Rays + Circles Template I created for the blog! You can see and download the free template here. I adore how cheery and pretty this page is with the yellow flower circles and beautiful butterflies everywhere! The black lines leading up to the circles are neat too. Please stop over and check out Patricia's blog here for more great ideas: http://generationsscrap.canalblog.com/ .

A fabulous scrapper named Sheri send me three amazing layouts using templates! The first page uses inspiration from the Scallop Page Template! You can download this template here. Check out how cute her design is with the pink and black! I love her journaling around top and side as well! A great page!

Sheri's next page features the template Circles and Curves Photoblock Template. Download and see the sketch here.  Check out how she rocked using this template. I love the way she added another circle photo underneath the others and the color scheme is perfect! This is such a cheerful page!


Sheri's last page utilizes the Eight Circles Template which you can download here.  This page turned out so colorful and fun. It is about her birthday and all the memories she has. I love how she put each memory in a different circle, great idea ;)

Our next pretty page is by a scrapped named Kim! She created this gorgeous page using inspiration from a post I did using large numbers. You can see the original post here!  She made a large "S" and designed her page around it! I adore how pretty those paper and photos are and how she used the large "S" for siblings! You can see more Kim's gorgeous work at her gallery here: Five 17Creations ... so make sure you check that out :)

Lastly, I am sharing a bright and fun page by Alia!! She used the Sunshine Page Template as her inspiration and made it her own by adding lots of brightly colored strips of patterned paper along with a row of buttons. What a great way to scrap this! You can see more of Alia's work at her blog here: http://straightfromthescraploft.blogspot.com/ so make sure you take a visit over there!

Thanks so much to Erin, Patricia, Sheri, Kim, and Alia for sending in such great pages! I am so happy to have featured them!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Designer Showcase: BOM projects!

Today I am showcasing pages just about the scrappers themselves aka "book of me."  I have mentioned this before, but I want to share again how important it is scrap yourself not just your family/friends. It is nice to document pages all about how you have grown up, your views, you loves, or just what you look like at a certain time, etc. Here are some great ideas on how to create book of me projects.

Vicky created two stunning pages all about herself! Vicky's first page captures her at 33 which is such a great idea to have your age and page to go with it ;).  The second page captures a time on her life and scrapped in a beautiful way!

Cathy is sharing a great BOM page.  She is sharing a page all about how she feels about her family and how they inspire how! What a cool idea to create a Book of Me page which is all about how other people help make you who you are. Check this out!

Heather created two fabulous projects. The first is a pretty layout all about her graduating and the second a mini-album all about her! I love this idea so much! Her family and friends will cherish this book forever! I love how this turned out so take a peek at her projects ...

Here is a page by me on why I scrapbook :)

Are you ready to start creating some BOM pages? If so send me yours and I will feature it!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Window Card Template

Hello!  It's Cathy and I'm going to share a card template with you today. Are you having wonderful Spring weather where you are?  We are supposed to be here in my area of the States.  We've had more chilly rainy days than anything else. But every chance I get, I'm opening the windows on the house and letting in the fresh air.
That was my inspiration for this card design.  Windows! The card front has a cut-through (window) to the inside.
I've designed the template so that you can use a punch, die or electronic cutter (print and cut) to cut an opening that shows a peak at the inside details of the card. I used a Spellbinders circle die to cut mine.
Included in the download is a .psd layered file if you are a digital scrapper as well as the .png files for each layer that can be used for traditional scrappers to cut each layer. To download, click the preview image above or click HERE.

Enjoy opening your windows!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Making the Most of Your Chipboard, Diecuts, and Bling

Sometimes we buy amazing embellies but before adhering onto your project, think about if this item can pull double duty and be used for something else first. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your expensive papers and embellies...

Lace-type die cut papers - before using them, mist these on their reverse side onto a plain piece of cardstock to be used as a cool background for another layout. You can also do this with plain dollar store doilies too... just slap a few in different sizes onto plain cardstock and mist away - the result is beautiful.

Die-cut shaped papers like large scallop circles and bracket frames - trace these onto cardboard to use as a template for another project.

Fine cut chipboard and cardstock die-cut pieces - you can use these as a mask before permanently adhering to another project. Gesso will easily prime and cover any misting on the chipboard so that you can start over to match it to your new project. You can also trace around things like branches and twigs to have homemade templates using as a stencil for later on.

Chipboard with adhesive backings - keep the backings to use as masks.

Bracket and scalloped shaped mini album chipboard - use these to repeat an outer edge design on plain cardstock and create your own unique paper die-cut shapes. The hand-cutting is worth every minute for the end result.

Bling transparency backing - keep these to use the indentations as a guide to make your own homemade bling. Simply poke holes where each gem was and then place over your project. Next, mark each hole with a pencil. Using dimensional paint, put paint dots on the pencil marks. I like this better than placing the paint directly on the transparency backing and cutting around... but that is another option.

I hope you find these little tips helpful to stretch your scrappy budget and add unique features to your projects!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Featured Artist: Street Sign Scrapping by Cindy deRosier!

Happy Friday! It's Pam here sharing a wonderfully talented featured artist for the third time, Cindy deRosier! I love sharing featured artists on Fridays more than once and this third time proves to be another fabulous and inspiring post! I never thought to do anything like this. Her post is such a neat idea ... I think I will have to try to do it when I am in a bigger county or city. Our featured artist, Cindy, was first featured on October 28th .. make sure you read her bio here to get to know her and her post on a DIY scavenger hunt here. Cindy's second post was on a totally innovative subject about working with crayons. You can read all about it here. Also make sure you visit her pretty gallery here at scrapbook.com. ALSO, Cindy has a new site, you can check it out here, so make sure you hope on over there: http://www.cindyderosier.com/ .I am excited and honored to share Cindy once again.. I know you will enjoy this post!

Street Sign Scrapping by Cindy

My friend Adam Diament is the coolest person I know. Why? Because he does things like this in his spare time:

Los Angeles County: Adventure 88!

He's done similar videos for Orange County (Adventure 34!) and Ventura County (Adventure 10!). Perhaps his most impressive was San Diego County (Adventure 18!), in which he visits all 18 cities in San Diego County in a single day. And hats off to his then-pregnant wife Tiffany, who spent 12.5 hours driving around the county with him taking his picture in every city!

After I saw his videos, I was inspired to do something cool like that and scrap it. It would not be particularly impressive (or interesting) for me to visit the 7 cities in my county, but I thought it would be really fun to photograph my husband, our son, and myself each standing by a street sign with our name on it.

I did my research on Google Maps. I typed in "Cindy Street California" and wrote down each city that appeared. I did the same thing for Steve and Trevor. I went back and also checked our given names, Cynthia and Steven. I kept the list of cities by the calendar, waiting for an occasion that would take us to "our" streets. The chance to go to Cindy Way in Pleasanton came soon. On a second trip, we visited Steven Circle in Benicia and Trevor Parkway, also in Pleasanton.

This layout was so fun to put together!

I hope this inspires you to have your own adventure! Whether it's as major as Adam's or on a smaller scale like mine, an adventure like this is a lot of fun and a great topic for a layout or album.


Thanks Cindy, for once again sharing such a great idea :) :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Walking On Sunshine Sketch/Template

Hi everyone! It's me, Heather and I'm here to post my newest sketch/template. I created this sketch based on a layout that I completed on International Scrapbook Day. If the sketch looks a bit busy, keep scrolling down. When you see the layout it will make more sense! 

As you can see, I tried to mimic the embellishments that I used on my paper scrapbook page. I created this layout with my Scraptastic Club May kit called "In The Hood". It included papers and embellishments from Crate Paper's Neighborhood line.

I also had enough time to create a digital example using the layered template that I made in Photoshop Elements. I used Cosmo Cricket's Lil' Man papers and embellishments from JessicaSprague.com.

Here is the download link if you would like to save the layered digital template that I created. If you make a layout with the sketch or template be sure to email it to Pammy so we can feature it here on the Ideas For Scrapbookers blog!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Designer Showcase: Projects with Die Cuts!

Happy Wednesday! It's Pam here sharing some great die cut ideas. When I started scrapping the only type of die cuts were in the form of pre-made paper die cuts. Since then there are so many great new ways to make die cuts such as hand held machines and computer machines. You can also make your own die cuts or download a digital one and cut it out.  I still love my store bought die cuts as well! They always make the perfect embellishment on my page. Today I am sharing some die cut pages created by the contributors!

Nancy is up first with some great die cut inspiration!  This cute card which is a cow money holder was created using the Cricut and Sue Cuts a Lot. So adorable! The last two pretty pages were created using pre-made die cuts out of paper an chipboard! Perfect!

Next up is a fabulous page by Lisa! She created this page using die cuts from her new Grand Spell Binders machine! Look at all those lovely lace images on this! It is soo pretty with those die cuts :)

Heather created this neat page using die cuts from Cosmo Cricket's Salt Air collection. The butterflies and doilies are die cuts. She also used a sketch from Sketch Support (link: http://www.sketchsupport.com/). This page was originally created for a guest design spot in Flamingo scraps (link: http://flamingoscraps.blogspot.com/). What a fabulous and inspiring page!!!

Vicky created this next two gorgeous pages!  The first is a die cut background on the wedding layout.  The second layout uses a die cut to trace the bracket piece out of paper. Next she added two little die cut cardstocks to the left of the picture. This turned so amazing. Take a peek!

Cathy created some gorgeous die cut projects!  I love the special little touches that her die cuts create! Check out how pretty those cards are. Can you spot those die cuts? Take a look at these!

I hope you find some die cut inspiration today! Have a wonderful Wednesday!