Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Featured Artist: Street Sign Scrapping by Cindy deRosier!

Happy Friday! It's Pam here sharing a wonderfully talented featured artist for the third time, Cindy deRosier! I love sharing featured artists on Fridays more than once and this third time proves to be another fabulous and inspiring post! I never thought to do anything like this. Her post is such a neat idea ... I think I will have to try to do it when I am in a bigger county or city. Our featured artist, Cindy, was first featured on October 28th .. make sure you read her bio here to get to know her and her post on a DIY scavenger hunt here. Cindy's second post was on a totally innovative subject about working with crayons. You can read all about it here. Also make sure you visit her pretty gallery here at ALSO, Cindy has a new site, you can check it out here, so make sure you hope on over there: .I am excited and honored to share Cindy once again.. I know you will enjoy this post!

Street Sign Scrapping by Cindy

My friend Adam Diament is the coolest person I know. Why? Because he does things like this in his spare time:

Los Angeles County: Adventure 88!

He's done similar videos for Orange County (Adventure 34!) and Ventura County (Adventure 10!). Perhaps his most impressive was San Diego County (Adventure 18!), in which he visits all 18 cities in San Diego County in a single day. And hats off to his then-pregnant wife Tiffany, who spent 12.5 hours driving around the county with him taking his picture in every city!

After I saw his videos, I was inspired to do something cool like that and scrap it. It would not be particularly impressive (or interesting) for me to visit the 7 cities in my county, but I thought it would be really fun to photograph my husband, our son, and myself each standing by a street sign with our name on it.

I did my research on Google Maps. I typed in "Cindy Street California" and wrote down each city that appeared. I did the same thing for Steve and Trevor. I went back and also checked our given names, Cynthia and Steven. I kept the list of cities by the calendar, waiting for an occasion that would take us to "our" streets. The chance to go to Cindy Way in Pleasanton came soon. On a second trip, we visited Steven Circle in Benicia and Trevor Parkway, also in Pleasanton.

This layout was so fun to put together!

I hope this inspires you to have your own adventure! Whether it's as major as Adam's or on a smaller scale like mine, an adventure like this is a lot of fun and a great topic for a layout or album.


Thanks Cindy, for once again sharing such a great idea :) :)

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  1. That is such a cool idea Cindy! You always amaze me with the creative themes for your pages. Thanks for sharing!