Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wild Roses Tutorial

I have been wanting to do this flower for a while but needed the right technique. Then, I saw some gorgeous flowers made by Charlotte Ravn and she was so sweet and shared how she got the precise wrinkled look to her flowers. This, combined with some modifications ended up looking like the wild roses I was trying to achieve.

Here is what you will need: 3 large, 2 medium and one small flower (I used my retro flower punches but anything similar will do). Ink for the edges, water to mist, glue, a few thin items like a paintbrush and skewer, plus a foam mat.

Step 1: Heavily mist the flowers (I had lightly inked the tips first) and curl around a smooth item, then while holding the petal around the paintbrush, GENTLY pinch each petal to wrinkle. This will not work if it is not wet enough. This was the awesome technique tip from Charlotte - curl, hold and pinch - genius! Then, let dry a little. You won't be able to do this with the smallest flower so just smash up the petals a little with your fingers.

Step 2: When almost dry, press into a foam mat. If still too wet, the paper will rip. Then, let it completely dry.

Step 3: Glue all your layers from largest to smallest, while off-setting the petals. The skewer comes in handy to push the small flower into the middle. TIP: Once the glue dries, I like to slightly pinch a few petal ends and re-ink a few tips to give a more realistic look.

Here is a picture of Charlotte's gardenia style flowers that I used for inspiration. I suspect she used 2 large, 2 medium and 2 small flowers and moulded the ends while they were wet to get this look. I left mine to dry curled.

Thanks for stopping by today, let me know what you think!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Designer Showcase: Red, White and Blue Projects

Hello everyone!! It's Pam here sharing some cool projects today. Today I am sharing red, white and blue ideas. Some are 4th of July themed (for Independence Day in the USA) and some are a different them to give you ample ideas for red, white and blue pages. I must admit I love this color combination sooo much! You can use it for any theme you like!

Dolores is sharing this beautiful 4th of July page! I love the flag title and the beautiful photos of all of those flags. A nice 4th themed page. Check this out!

Heather has two very creative pages! Her first page also integrates yellow with the color combination which looks great! Free free to add colors to the color scheme like Heather did. Her second page shares a beautiful photo about her daughter. Check out her cool circular journaling!

Lisa a sharing three wonderful red, white and blue pages.  Lisa's first page is adorned with lots of cool bottlecaps and circles. So wonderful. Her second page featured lots of stars and flourishes and is and very patriotic!  Lisa's third page shares how you can use the color palette for more than just 4th of July pages. She used it for a winter page which looks amazing! Lovin' these examples!

Cathy is sharing two fabulous projects with us! Her first example is a red, white and blue card! What a pretty design.  Cathy's second project uses my 4th of July Template! You can download the template here.  Check out how neat her page looks with all of the cool stars coming from the title.. love it!

I hope these page give you some ideas for the red, white and blue color palette!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Patriotic Template for your 4th of July photos!

I have been looking forward to the 4th of July, it's so great to have a special holiday right in the middle of summer. I love doing a picnic, catching up with friends and staking out a spot to watch fireworks. As a result this is one of my favorite holidays. I ran across some photos from a really fun day we had a few years ago with my in-laws, so I decided to do a patriotic template so I could scrap those photos! Here is my layout titled "America, land that I love."

That's my Mother-in-law and I in the center photo! They have a great celebration in their hometown. I created this layout with a really cute digital kit called Americana by Etc. by Danyale. For our paper scrapbookers here is the sketch.

To make it a little easier to trace and cut these shapes out, here are the basic heart pieces.
For our digital scrapbookers, the template has the stars, stripes and background colors all as separate layers, so you don't actually need any patriotic paper to create the heart. All you need is red, white and blue. I have loaded the Photoshop Elements PSD file to a couple of different file sharing locations so you can choose the one that you prefer for the download. Just click the file name below.

Hope you enjoy the template! Have a great, fun filled 4th of July!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Digi Tip June 2011: More on Shadows

Can you believe that another month has come and gone? Here we are at the end of June already! Hi! Cathy here to share this month's Digi-tip. We are going to pick-up where we left off last month with shadowing tips. In last month's post, we covered some basics about creating shadows in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, you can read that post here.

This month I'm going to share a few more advanced tips about shadowing. I really feel that good shadowing can make the difference between a good digital scrapbook page and a fabulous page. I also think it is a skill that takes patience and practice to learn. Let me admit to you that I am still learning and always practicing. It is one skill that I do not feel I will ever master. As the software evolves, we get more and easier tools available to helps us create more realistic shadows. So please, don't be afraid to try new things and practice, practice, practice!

Sometimes the item that you are creating a shadow for is not flat. So you would like to create a shadow that is not "flat", but that flows or maybe you'd like it to "lift" the item off the page a bit. Strings are a great example of this. In the image above you can see a string with the basic drop shadow that we learned about last month. It looks fine. But we can make it even better!

In Photoshop (the full version), you can move the shadow to it's own layer, giving you more control over how you manipulate it. To do so, In the layers panel for the particular layer, right click on the layer effects (make sure to click on the "fx" to open the effects for that layer if it is not already opened). A drop down menu will show. Click on "Create Layer". This will separate the shadow from the element, placing the shadow on it's own layer directly below the element's layer. You can also do this through the menu, simply select Layer> Layer Styles> Create Layer.

Now, being certain to make the shadow layer active, you can begin to edit it. Select the warp tool. Edit> Transform> Warp or by pressing ctrl+T and then select the warp icon (see the image below).

The element will be surrounded by the warp grid. You can alter the shape bu pulling and pushing on the warp grid. Use the mouse to click on any of the points (or cross grids) on the warp grid and drag to modify the shadow. Play with moving various parts until you have the shadow the way you would like it.

Since this also makes the string appear to be further away from the paper beneath it, I like to reduce the opacity of the shadow layer as well.

Above is a comparison of how the two different shadows look. You can see that the 2nd shadow has a bit more character.

Another way that you can edit the shadow is with the smudge tool. Once you have the shadow on it's own layer, select the smudge tool. Use a soft round brush set fairly larger than the area of the element you are adjusting. In my example it was set to 425 with strength set at 50. Use the smudge tool to pull the shadow slightly in the direction that you want.
Below you can see the examples.

  • The top most has the basic shadow
  • The middle shadow was made using the warp tool
  • The bottom shadow was made using the smudge tool

Have some fun using new tools and techniques to create shadows on your next project. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions for PS tips you'd like to see, please let me know.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thanks A Bunch Pop-Up Card

Hi it's Lisa here with a fun tutorial to share.  I have seen some truly amazing cards lately and here is my version/tutorial of my first pop-up slider card. Love it!

First, take a 6 x 12 inch cardstock of plain cardstock and a matching patterned paper.
Fold the 6 x 12 inch half...then cut out a 3 x 3 inch square in the center.
Next cut out a 4 inch wood grain paper or you can stamp it wood grain and cut out a 2.5 inch square out of the center of the wood. make two 1/4 inch wood panes.
Cut a piece of 3 x 3 inch transparency and place on the back of the window then add the window panes on top of a sandwhich.
Add a 2 inch oval and scallop around with another piece of cardstock.
Embellish with ribbons for the curtains.

The inside I used Walk In My Garden Cricut Cartridge, I made 5 sets of the tulips and leftover scraps for the blue, yellow and white flower tops. The flower pot base is a 3 inch rectangle with a 1/2 inch cut off the top...also used Martha Stewart punch for the arches on the top of the flower pot. Extra tip: Don't forget to make the backside of the flower pot and colored flowers too. For a finished 3D effect when it pops up!

The patterned paper is 6 x 6 and BEFORE you tack it down cut out the slider part first.
There are some great tutorials out there on how to make the slider. Here is one by Dawn's Stamping Thoughts that is great: click here for link to video...thank you! I modified my measurements for my card...I cut mine at 2 inches and 4 inches and 3 inches high....basically, in the center of the card so that you could see the flowers through the window when the card is laying flat. The inside slider is the same green to match and I punched a hole in the bottom and added ribbon.
The kids are planning to sign the card on the slider part later....

Hope you enjoyed looking and try your first pop up slider card too! Super fun!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Special: Reader's Pages!

Hello all and happy Friday! I am sharing two great pages by two different artists using Heather's beautiful sketch from last week called June Template Number One. You can see the sketch and download the template here.

Marlene created this page all about two friends. I love the sewn flag on the side. What a cool touch! And the design looks so good papers and embellishments! Her take on this sketch is great!!  You can see more of Marlene's pretty work at her gallery here: Scrap4brains .

The next page using that sketch is by April. This take on the sketch is fabulous as well. Take a look at the the mood created on the page by the papers and photo. So dreamy and cool. I also love the butterflies flying up to the top! You can see more April's neat work on her blog here: .

I hope you will try to work with this sketch! If you do, please send it to me at .

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heather's June Sketch Two

I created this template based on the layout I made for a blog hop on Jessica Sprague's website. I just realized when I sat down to write this post that I'm not allowed to share the layout until this Friday. Ooops! Thank goodness that Nancy, Vicky, and Dolores came through with example layouts for me to share! Thank you very much girls. Here is the the preview of the sketch/template.

This is Nancy's layout. She scrapped about her daughter running away. The layout is so pretty and her journaling totally tugs at my heart strings. Such a wonderful page!

Vicky made this lovely page featuring beautiful handmade flowers and gorgeous layered butterflies. What a pretty dog! I also love that she included a paw print as an embellishment.

Dolores used the digital template that will be available for download at the end of this of post. She scrapped adorable photos of a sweet dog she meet at her family reunion. I love the clusters of flowers she used and the pretty color combination.

If you want to download the layered digital template that I created in Photoshop Elements feel free to click the link below.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Designer Showcase: Wedding Layouts

June is such a popular month for brides and grooms. I got married in October but June would have been good too with the nice weather! Today I am sharing a few wedding layouts from the contributors as inspiration in case you just got married, are scrapping older wedding photos, or creating layouts about others who got married! Enjoy :)

Vicky created this pretty page about her wedding. The details, color, and everything are just perfect for any wedding photos. Check out this page!

Lisa also created a very glamorous page! Take a look at all of the neat flower, colors, and details for this wedding page! So pretty!


Heather went in a different route with a more graphic page. These circles are so neat on her page. I love the idea of a wedding page with circles- as I do those type a lot!

Here is another graphic wedding page by me :)

  I hope these pages give you some ideas to create those wedding layouts!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Teacher Gift Ideas!

Its Sara hear with a little post to give you some quick and easy Teacher Gifts!  Its that time of year and school is wrapping up (for some it already has has) but these ideas could be used for daycare providers, camp counselors or next years teachers. 

I just adore the first idea with the very popular reusable cup!  Depending up on your cup will depend on how you decorate it. I simply used some scrap paper and ribbon to make a collar on the top (I used glue dots for adhesive).  Than I filled the cup with single serve packets of lemon aid and pink lemon aid.  To top it off I made this little banner that says
"Thank You for quenching my thirst for knowledge!" 

So easy!!!! 

Next is a left over Crystal Light container that I decorated with scrap paper and filled with Reese's Pieces!  Than I just added a little scalloped tag that says 
" I love you to pieces"

These are great little ideas to add to your bag of tricks for all sort of occasions! 

Happy Gift Giving!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dress Pattern Flowers

Hi Everyone, Nancy here with a quick flower for you.

I started with some old dress pattern paper and a die for a simple flower (you can also use a punch but be sure to punch quite a few layers at a time.  Circles or scallops would also work.

I cut a bunch of these out.  You will need about 20 shapes for each flower.

Poke a hole in the center of the flowers.

Add a brad to hold the layers together.

Scrunch and play with the layers until you get the desired look.

And here is my finished project.

Thanks for looking