Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Layered Templates for Digital Scrapbookers!

Digital scrapbookers will now be able to download the templates in layers! I have had a lot of people ask me about this and now I am finally doing it. It will take me a while to do this but I thought I would get started. I will also edit the original post to add each link to the layered template! The format I will use is photoshop files. Everything will be in full resolution, usually 3600 pixels and 3600 pixels! The links are below each preview image (which I made much much smaller for blogger).
To use the template, first copy and paste the link into the URL and then click to download the file! Once you have downloaded it, open it in Photoshop Elements! Do most of you know how to use clipping masks? I can provide a post on how to do it if there is enough interest!

Be sure to check out more layered templates in my Jan. 1st post as well!

1. The first one I am doing is the fishbowl template I just made yesterday.. here is a very small preview of how it looks in layers. Here is the original post where I give an example.

Here is the digital layered template for Photoshop:

2. This next one is the die cut heart template. You can use for many types of digital things! You can see the original post here and the preview image here:

Here is the digital layered template for Photoshop:

3. The third template is the wreath template! This is the original posting and below is a tiny image of the layered template!

Here is the digital layered template for Photoshop:

4. This next one is from a Christmas page I made! It was also featured on the CK website! Here is a preview of the template.

Here is the digital layered template for Photoshop:

5. This is the last one I am going to post for a little while! You can read the original post here!

Here is the digital layered template for Photoshop:

I will try to post some more tomorrow if I have time!! Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Favorite Project of 2009 + Extra

I wanted to share one of my favorite projects from this past year! It is of my son swimming and I used a fish bowl background. I also created a template and sketch to go along with it.

Here is the template I made to go along with. Click on the image to download it. Next, print and trace onto you page! To learn how to print the entire template on Photoshop Elements click here. To print the template using The Print Shop click here.

Here is the photo template!

Here is the sketch for the page!

Here is the digital template is layers!

What is your favorite project from 2009?

Ideas for Scrapbookers will be off for a few days ... so have a safe and happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Template/Sketch!

I have a new template/sketch to share! I made this layout of my daughter the other day. I usually don't go for frilly layouts with lots of flowers (even though I ADORE them), but these photos definitely needed something fancy! Here is the layout I came up with...

I usually make a sketch before I start the layout, but with this one I went in reverse. I liked how the layout came out so I created this template/sketch afterward.

As always, I couldn't leave my digital/hybrid girls out in the cold. I also created a layered digital template that you can download here.

Don't forget, if you just want the sketch/template, you don't have to download the digital file. Simply right click on the image below, and then click on "Save As".

I hope everyone has a very Happy New Year!

*Photography by Heather Munsterman "Once Upon A Time Photography" located in Loranger, Louisiana.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Creating Your Own Die Cut Paper!

I am always looking for ways to save money! I decided to make my own die cut paper for this page below titled " I Love You". I also put pop dots underneath the hearts to make them stand out more. I think it's a great way to great way to get that "die cut" look to your paper without spending too much money!

There are two ways you can achieve this look! The first way is described below:

1. Print out heart image to about 2" by 2".

2. I used double sided Bo Bunny double dot paper. You are going to way to trace and cut on the wrong side, so I chose the non-dot side to trace my hearts onto. Make sure that they are touching each other on all sides like this.

2. After you have traced all of your hearts, cut out the hearts using scissors for the outside and craft knife for the inside.

3. When you are done, flip your paper over and ink the edges that may have not been cut right. I used just a tiny bit of red ink for my edges.


The other way to create this look is to use this template. Digital scrapbookers can use this template to create the die cut looks using clipping masks. People with that special die cut Cricut cartridge can turn this template into a font and cut their own paper!

Print this template, trace and cut out the image!

Here is the digital template in layers!!

Try working with different shapes such as stars, circles, anything else you think of! Send me an image if you use this technique! :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Uses For Some Of Those Unused Tools...

With Christmas over and New Years on it's way, it's got me thinking about cleaning, organizing, decluttering, and all of the like. And one area that I always struggle with is my scrapbook area. Should I really throw it away? Will I need it on that next project? So I decided to take my top 3 least used tools and find some new uses for them. Here is what I found....

Versa Mark Ink, I rarely use mine, or at least not enough to say it's a needed staple in my stamp area. But did you know you can use Versa Mark to...

Create a watermark effect on paper? With versa mark you always have a complimentary color to match your cardstock.

Do some Two-Step Stampin, nope, it's not a new dance move, lol, just take your versa mark ink and stamp your image, then stamp again, slightly offset with a metallic ink for a shadow effect.

Use your versa mark for discrete journaling lines. Use a lined stamp and stamp with versa mark. It'll make faint lines, and although this ink is sticky when stamped, it dries clear, non-sticky, and acid free.

Paper Crimper, sometimes I forget why I bought one of these but you can use this handy tool to...

Enhance cuts from your die cutting machines, adds great texture and it's a very simple effect. Even a child can use a crimper.

Use it to add dimension to cards. Crimp only the ends of a paper border for a different effect.

Make your own custom corrugated liners for cupcakes.

And finally, punches, mine don't get a lot of use since I got my Cricut, but with stamp art making a come back on a lot of great blogs it doesn't hurt to hold onto them. Wanna keep them running perfectly? Here's how...

Sharpen punches by cutting through fine sandpaper (200-400 grit should do) or aluminum foil.

Remember that humidity can affect a punch, so make sure that your paper is kept in a cool, dry spot.

And did you know....

Your can cut thin layers of polymer clay with a punch? You will need to coat both sides of your sheet with talcum powder before you punch the shape and the clay sheet needs to be as firm as possible.

There you have it, I found several uses for things I don't normal use much. Before you declutter your scrap area, take a minute to think of what you might be able to do with that item.

Have a happy and safe new year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas + Joy Template!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to pop in here and say Merry Christmas and also give you one more template. Digital and traditional scrapbookers can use it! Digital scrapbookers can use it as a clipping mask for their digi papers and photos! Tradional scrappers can print it out and use it on photos and patterned papers!

Here is the digital template!

Here what I did with it using digital paper by Rhonna Farrer. Please do not use my image except to gain inspiration from. The digital kit is available here!

This blog will be off for a few days, but will be back on Sunday!! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Template for Digital and Traditional Scrappers!

I get asked sometimes if these templates can be used for digital scrapbookers ... and yes they totally can!! I have made it a little bit easier for the digital scrapbookers to use!

Here is the template and/or clipping mask. Digital scrapbookers can use clipping masks to put paper and photos in the correct spot. Traditional scrapbookers can use it to print out and trace over their photos!

Here is just the photo template:

And finally the sketch for scrappers who like that ;) :
I hope you enjoy these, please let me know if you have any questions or problems!

Heather's Favorite Holiday Project!

It's Heather turn to share her favorite holiday project and it is so cute!! I have really enjoyed seeing what the contributor's favorite project are! You will love learning more about the page and other questions I asked her below!

1. Why is this your favorite Christmas project? What is the story behind this?

This layout is my favorite Christmas project so far because I used part of the title to my favorite Christmas song as the title of the layout. It's also special to me because it includes a photo of my entire family. It's rare that we are all in the same photo, I'm usually behind the camera.

2. What helped you create this page? What are some tips for creating
this? What is your favorite part about the project?

I was given some antique lace that a friend of mine found in her home. I immediately thought it would work really well with the Basic Grey Wassail paper line. I tried to keep this layout really simple because I wanted the focus on the photo. *Tip* Don't forget that Christmas songs offer a wealth of possible titles for Christmas layouts! My favorite part of the project is the photo of course!

3. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

My favorite holiday tradition is listening to Christmas carols while the children and I put up the tree. After the tree is up, we drink hot cocoa and eat cookies!

4. Anything else you would like to share.

I'd like to wish everyone and their families a very Merry Christmas!

Thanks Heather for sharing your creativity with us!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sarah's Favorite Holiday Project!

Hi everyone!! It's almost Christmas, yea!! Today I am sharing Sarah's favorite holiday project. I love that she included her holiday decor in this post! She also included a layout she did, so check below the photos! Take a peek at her projects and then read below about it!

1. Why is this your favorite Christmas project? What is the story behind this?

Well, it really isn't a papercraft project. Rather, it's the Christmas decor of our house this year. I just LOVE the colors to it. I guess the color schemes looked amazing to me. With all of the color matching from scrapbooking, I generalized it to the Christmas decor in my house. This year is a bronze, champagne, and creme color scheme. :) Every year, it changes.

2. What helped you create this page? What are some tips for creating this? What is your favorite part about the project?

As for my favorite scrapbooking page, I really enjoy my "Oh Christmas Tree" layout. Why?! Well, I love the Christmas tree template. :)

3. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

My favorite holiday tradition is and will always be the time I get to spend with my family. I'm definitely a family girl. :)

4. Anything else you would like to share.

Just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful and happy holidays! :)

Thanks for sharing your projects with us, Sarah!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

How to Print Templates and Format Text in Photoshop Elements

I hope The Print Shop tutorial was easy to follow. Here is one for Adobe Photoshop Elements! I use Elements a lot, especially for editing my photos and making things digitally! Now onto printing the templates in Elements when you don't have a 12" by 12" printer!

1. Save the template to your computer. Re-open you template in Photoshop Elements.

2. Go to File>Print. A box will open. The first and most important step is to un-click the center button under the position. This will allow you to move your image around. Now under the Scaled to Print option, change this number. Here I made it 10.5 by 10.5. Most templates you will 12" by 12" which is standard page size. Go to the preview image and move it around so one side in printing area like this.

3. After you have printed that first side, go to print again. Move your image so the other side is in the printing area like this.

4. Tape those two pieces together and you are ready to go!!


Here are some instructions on how to format your text to fit in the space.

1. Open up the template in Photoshop Elements. Go to File>Layer>New>Layer. This will create a new layer like this.

2. Hit the "T" button on the left-hand side bar to type in your text. I used center justification. You can change the justification if you want on the top bar. It has all three: left, center and right justification. Type in your text and hit the return button so it doesn't overlap with any of the photos.

3. To print your text, first you need to make the template layer invisible. To this go the bottom right hand layer palette and click the eyeball button next to the photo of the template. This will make it invisible and your text will print without the background. Remember if you want your text to be the same size as your template, print it out the same size as listed in the printing tutorial above. (for instance I used 10.5 by 10.5 for mine).

Hope this helps you. Please let me know if you have any questions!

How to Print Templates and Format Text in The Print Shop

I use two computer programs to print the templates that I make on the computer. This first one I am showing you is using The Print Shop. I absolutely love this program. I this program for four years now and it is so easy for me to use!! So if you are looking for a fabulous program, be sure to check this one out.

Now on to how to print the templates. Use this if you do not have a large 12" by 12" printer.

1. Copy (control c) and paste (control v) the template into print shop. Since the print shop shows you a ruler that goes past the 8.5" by 11", drag the ends of the image to make it larger. I enlarged this template to print on 11" by 11". The printing area is marked in a dashed square. Move image so half of it fits on the printing screen like this (notice there is a ruler on the top!):

2. Now move the template to the other side and print like this:

3. Tape these two pieces of paper together and your ready to go!


To format you text here is how I do it.

1. Open a text box and center it around the free space in the journaling spot. Here I used right justification for my text. When you text meets the other things on your page hit return. keep doing this until you get this:

2. Move the template out of the way and hit print!

Play around with left justification and center justification for other templates! Here is how to do the same thing in Photoshop Elements .