Monday, November 7, 2011

Readers Pages

Here we are getting another week started.  I've got some great pages to share from one of our readers.  Let's take a moment to learn a little bit about Francine.  Here's what she had to say:  "I'm married with two teenage children. I live in Australia's capital - Canberra - a beautiful city where we are currently enjoying a lovely spring. I've lost count of when exactly I started scrapbooking, but it was about 7 or 8 years ago. I largely taught myself from the Internet and love the IFS (Ideas For Scrapbookers) site for all the great tips and ideas it gives me. I spend a lot - too much! - time on the computer and I love making kaleidoscopes out of my photos and have recently started using them for embellishments on some of my layouts."

Well, thank you so much Francine!  We're so glad that you find inspiration here too.  I think all of our readers are going to find some inspiration from these pages that Francine is sharing today.  She contacted me following our Designer Showcase: Funny Pages and Cindy's post about dealing with missing letters.

 In this page she captured some of the cute funny faces that her son makes and created a layout from them.  Great way to capture his personality!

In Cindy's earlier post, she shared how backwards 3's can be used as an E.  In the above clock project, Francine has used an upside down 2 in place of a 7. Very clever!

In this example, Francine shows how a label maker can be used to create journaling. For the word "Father" she was short an R from her alpha stash, so she created the little pocketed tag to make it look as if the leg of the R is hidden. She actually used a letter P instead.  Sneaky cool trick!

 On this page, She needed two I's, but only had one.  So she used her acrylic letters as masks and misted over them.  This could been done with chipboard alphas or letters that you print and cut from paper.  Great way to find some needed alphas!

This final page that she is sharing today follows Pam's posts about stepping outside your comfort zone.  Francine had never done a photo-less page. She wanted to create a page about how her daughter interacts with her husband following his business trips. So she created little presents to go along with all her journaling.  And guess what? She did some alpha switching here too. The t in present, was actually an f!!  Great page!!

Thanks so much for sharing your pages with us and all of our readers today Francine. It's been great to see how you've used some tips and to see some of your tricks that you've shared with us!

If you are interested in sharing pages with us, please email them to me at scrappycath at gmail dot com and we'll feature you on an upcoming Reader's Pages post!


  1. I LOVE the P tucked into the pocket to look like an R! Adding that to my list of tricks. :)

  2. Such awesome ideas! I never thought to convert a 2 to a 7 and I agree with Cindy that I'll be using some pockets to alter letters now too. LOL