Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Designer Showcase: Projects Using Transparencies!

I love using transparencies over my pages. I usually use them to overlay the entire page or just as an embellishment. My favorite thing about them is you can see through them even when they are covering up something up! I love that!!

I am going to share my page first to point these things I love out and then I will post contributor's ideas using transparencies! :) On my page I used a background transparency over a plain yellow polka dot paper. I love how well it blends with rest of the page. I also used transparent candles on my page from Fancy pants!

Next up is two pages by Lisa! On Lisa's first page she used a transparent tree and flower on her page. They look gorgeous, can you spot them? On Lisa's second page she used a transparency on the dress instead of putting it directly on chipboard ... and this turned out such a cool effect!

Sara is sharing a super cute page using a transparency with the white the flowers over the large yellow paper! Check out how much this looks like pre-made patterned paper! Love this effect!

Cathy is sharing a totally cool project idea. One I have tried in the past and I love the final outcome! she used a transparent cover to her album. What is so cool about this? You can get a sneak peek of what is inside!

Next up is a great example of using a transparency by Nancy! She used an entire sheet of transparency that had the title and the brushed images on it. The background turned out so cool and fits in perfectly with her page.. check out her layout!

Vicky is sharing a gorgeous page using large transparency as most of her page! I love this effect so much, It really frames that adorable photo well!

Lastly, I am sharing a couple of neat pages by Heather using this theme! On her first page, Heather has transparency leaves on the left and black glittery flowers on transparencies on the lower right side. See what a cool effect this is! On her second page, one the flower above the photo on the right is a transparency for a pretty look :)

If you have any layouts with transparencies you would like to share, send them to and I will feature them!


  1. Those are all so wonderful! You all do such an amazing job!

  2. What is the best way to adhere a transparency to your page? I tried glue dots and you can still see them through the transparency. Would special adhesive for vellum paper work?

  3. Awesome post, love seeing all the uses - fabulous inspiration. Laurie, I used regular glue under a part that I knew would be covered. Also, like vellum, brads work well.

  4. Great projects. Love the leaves, flowers, trees. So diverse. I use zip dry under my overlay. Dries clear and with no dimension.

  5. Really pretty projects girls!!!

    Laurie, I'm another one that uses Zip Dry. I also try to glue under a part of the transparency that will be covered by a photo or embellishment just in case!