Monday, September 19, 2011

*Special Guest Post* by Marlene!

Hi, I'm happy to be back.  Your recent showcase of grandparents inspired me.   This page was done using Sketch #2 by Heather Landry.  Her sketches are fun to work with because the designs are so clean and they are so adaptable.  Heather made the sketch for her Life Is Incredibly Beautiful lay out, she used 4 x 6 photos but I was able to easily adapt to 3.5 x 5.  The papers are Basic Grey "Life of the Party".  

The flowers were made using this tutorial from IFS  Since I used a Cricut (Simply Sweet cartridge) I cut three different sized flowers which had the bonus effect of reducing some the bulk of the flower (although beautiful did not go well with my flat page).    To keep the red flowers from blending into the red mat behind the photos, all of the edges were inkied then I applied a small amount of bleach to a craft sponge and lightly skimmed a sheet of med./dark red paper to create a varied color pattern.  After the flowers dried, as per the instructions, the flower was still a little bulky for my flat page. To solve that issue, a piece of waxed paper (wax side down) was put over the cuts, then with a very hot iron I quickly pressed the flowers.  It created a dark(er) line over the high points and shaded the flowers even more.   Unfortunately, the lines made by the waxed paper do not show up well in the photo, but don't let that stop you from giving it a try.  

Heeding the warning to allow the flowers to try is very important, because of that step the flowers responded well to adjustment even after pressing.  My words of caution are to make sure you are wearing something that doesn't matter if you get bleach on it.  Change your shirt!

Some days my handwriting is better than others, today was an other day.  I did not like my list of all the people in the group shot.  I cut a piece of paper to cover that corner, anchored it with a flower so the info is there but not my handwriting.  One of the flowers was deliberately placed over a particularly vexsome cousin  - you know "if it's not in the scrapbook..."  Flexibility is key to happy scrapping. 

Thanks for looking.  Marlene (click here to see Marlene's previous post and gallery)


  1. Beautiful! I love the idea of using bleach to create a varigated color. I really want to try that!

  2. I LOVE that you covered a cousin that you didn't want in the photo. I will now start covering irritating people! I never thought of that Marlene. LOL Thank you so much for covering for me. I really appreciate it!

    Your page is beautiful and I love the flowers. Gorgeous!