Friday, September 9, 2011

Define YOUR Scrapbook Style!!

Hi everyone!! Do you ever get asked "what is your style?" and if so do you know? Well, today I am going to be giving you a large list of styles to chose from and some items by the contributors as examples. Normally I have found that idea books really don't give you a large number of styles to chose from. Here are the styles that the team and I came up with.
**btw keep in my mind that you don't have to stick the a specific style, you can always change it up and try a new style, that is the fun part!

Clean and Simple
Simple and Sweet
Graphically Inspired
Negative space
Classically Graphic w/Twist
Simple, Inky, and Edgy
Grungy and Edgy
Retro Chic
Lovely Layers
Classic, Layered, and Graphic

Classic with a (fill in blank) Spin
Graphic with Layers
Classic Antique
Shabby Chic with Layers
Feminine Shabby (Chic)

Elegant Chic
Vintage Chic and Embellished
Embellished and Classic
Digitally Graphic
Digitally Layered and Lovely

I would consider my style Classically Graphic with a Twist. You can see my gallery here for examples of my work. I call it my style because I am usually graphic with my style and I add just a little bit extra!

Now let's see some great examples of styles of the contributors!

First Let's start with Vicky. As you can see with the banner I created above she considers herself to be Shabby Chic with Layers. Her style is shabby chic because of the colors and techniques she uses with her pages. Vicky tends to use light colors and lots of layering with flowers and other items. Here is a page of hers which shows off her style.


Next up is Sara's style! Sara defines her style as Graphic with Layers. That means that she likes to create graphic style pages but also uses a lot of layering with her pages. Check out this example of her work to see this style as she shows us great layering with a graphic influence!


Heather also considers her style to be Graphic with Layers. Heather's style is almost the same as Sara's style but with more of an emphasis on the graphic side. In the pages below you will see more good examples of Graphic with Layers. Let's see Heather's pages to see examples of her style!


Cindy is a great example of the Clean and Simple style. She uses clean lines on her pages and also doesn't embellish a whole lot, but keeps the design clean. Cindy is sharing a page which displays her scrapbook style.


Nancy is up next with her style Feminine Shabby. She used lots of feminine colors on her pages and some of the shabby chic influences. She also used embellishments that go along with the shabby chic style. Let's see two examples of Nancy's style.


Cathy has a diverse style. She defines her style as Classic with a Graphic, Layered, Mixed Media, Hybrid Spin since she does lots of digital, hybrid, and altered arts as well as her traditional scrapbook pages. You really get a sense of how diverse her style is with the name! Check out a few projects by Cathy.


Lisa is our last contributor that I am featuring today. She considers her style to be Lovely Layers. As you will see by her pages, she does create lots of layering and it is oh so lovely with all of the added flowers and other embellishments! Check out these two examples of Lisa's style.

Now it's your turn! I would love to share you style and scrapbook projects in an upcoming post! If you like please email me your name, style, 1-2 examples of your work, and a blog (or gallery) if you would like it linked! Also feel free to email me a NEW style name you define yourself and all of the above things! I can't wait to see your work!


  1. Awesome post Pam! These are all great examples and very inspiring! Makes me want to try more styles!!

  2. Wonderful post, Pam!!
    I really enjoyed reading it and look at all the different styles the designers showed.
    Very interesting!
    Thank you all for sharing it.

  3. so fun to see everyone's styles in one place. love all the projects. thanks ladies.

  4. Very neat to see examples of the different styles!

  5. This is such a neat post! It was very cool to see all of the different styles side by side. Wonderful job ladies!

  6. great work ladies! Everyone has such amazing styles!

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