Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Designer Showcase: Grandparents

Here in the States we are about to celebrate Grandparents Day. Grandparents Day is celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day. This year it falls on Sunday September 11.  With this being the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, it could be a very solemn day for a celebration.  So we are going to bring you some inspiration about grandparents today!

Wow, I really like how Cindy gets right to the sentiment on this page with her very meaningful title. Such a great idea to use a quote as a title too. The large alpha for the word "Family" makes sure you know what it's all about!  And I really like how the past and future are woven together, which goes so perfectly with her paper choice for the background. The circular woven pattern blends so well with the message on her page.  I also like how she included a lock and key.  Each person in our family passes along stories and memories and characteristics that help unlock who we are. This page is a great tribute to that.

You have got to read the journaling on this page by Heather. So creative. She weaves together a few Dr. Seuss references, some song lyrics, and throws in a little movie trivia.  She has created a super sweet way to record the fun that a day with "Paw" can be!  The black and white photos are a great touch and just make them all the more expressive.

If the day out in the golf carts wasn't enough fun, Heather has also captured the fun the girl's had with their grandpa on the boat.  I'm always taking lots of photos, so I love a page that includes many photos. This 2 pager is just great in how it captures so much of what went on that day.  But it's not just photos lined up across the page, all the little details give the page pizazz! The striped border, little waves, word art and pinwheel all help make the page super fun. But check out this little detail, the journaling written all the way around the page!  I just love it!  I'm wondering how Heather managed to get it to fit oh so perfectly!

This page by Cathy (that's me) is super simple.  I just wanted to focus on the photo. I captured this a few years ago and so glad that I did. It's hard to get a picture of everyone together. And I know I will cherish this one for years to come.  My journaling speaks to the changes from one generation to another, and yet the things that remain the same. Like the importance of family.  I tend to be a scrapper that puts lots on a page. Sometimes, it's OK to do less. I'd better write that down to remind myself!

Now this page is just stunning! Vicky has included some wonderful details that really enhance her photo. You can tell by her design that her grandparents have a really special place in the family.  All of her details add to the formal, dressy look of the photo as well. That is another great tip for designing your page; to use the setting of the photo(s) as a guide. The chipboard pieces in the corners make me think of how grandparents are the cornerstone of a family.  I also like how her title is simple and elegant. As if it is a whisper.

Has this got you inspired to work on some pages about grandparents?  If you'd like to see your pages here in a future Readers Pages post just email them to me at scrappycath(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. What a great way to honor our grandparents. Everyone did a super job!

  2. love each one, great inspiration all the way around!

  3. Beautiful pages ladies! Happy Grandparents' Day to all of the wonderful grandparents out there.