Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Designer Showcase: No squares (except photos)

Hey everyone :) I have a challenge for you today! Have you completed a layout yet that has no squares or rectangles with the exception of the actual 12" by 12" background shape and photos? To make it even harder have you completed a page with no squares or rectangles, not even on background and photos? I suggest you try it, it is kinds fun ;) Here are some examples of this by the contributors. If you feel like participating, send me your page(s) to

First up is two great examples of this by Dolores! She used lots of fun circles and swirlies on her first page and kept the photo as the main focus!  On her second page, rather than square edges, she chose a cool curvy border along with more fun circles. Two fabulous examples!

Vicky created a beautiful page no squares/rectangles except for the background! How did she do this? She cut out a place for her beautiful photo and frayed the edges of the paper! Even the very back layer is frayed and not square. So cool!

Heather cutest this totally cute page using lots of color and circles. She used a playful scalloped border to enhance her page. Notice that Heather used a circle rather than square photo!  Check this out ;)

Nancy created three amazing pages with only photos, photo mat, and background as the square items! I love how creative she got with each layout, she was definitely "thinking outside of the box." Check out these layouts and see how she did it! Notice the bracket shape, lots of flowers, circles, and interesting borders ...

Lisa made this gorgeous floral and lace page which shows you how to using lots of shapes together (other than squares) can really make your page pop! Check out the detailing work on Lisa's page and that adorable tree on the top!

Last but not least, here is a page by Sara! She created this beautiful page using lots of shapes together! She also used lots of colors, which makes for a pretty color array on her page and really makes that photo stand out! Check out her layout.

How about you, are you ready to step outside of all boxes?


  1. These are all outstanding and wonderful pages!

  2. Yes I have. Here are some circle layouts:

    A Cosmo Cricket layout..

    A Paper Inklings layout:

    A Liz Qualman layout:

    A Monique original:

  3. Very cool! Thanks girls for sharing your beautiful pages with us.