Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Designer Showcase: Layouts with Quotes

Here is a really great idea to add to you page .. add a famous or not so famous quote! I have used both on my pages in past eight years. Sometimes you really just want to "quote" something family member says. Other times you want to scrap a well-known quote! Here I will show you how the contributors used various quotes on their pages!

Vicky created this stunning page with a stamped quote on the left hand side of her page. Check out how she surrounded it by bling! Great idea...

Cathy used a family quote on her page in a cool way! I especially love how she kept the focus on the cute photo and added the journal strip next to it!

Dolores created a fabulous floral page using a famous quote on the bottom! You can really see how well the quote stands out accented by all of the digital elements!


Check out this cool page by Lisa! She uses lingo quotes by her son! I so want to do a page like this for my son when he gets a little older! Take a peek!

Heather created two adorable digital pages using quotes that her two daughters have said! I love how creatively she documented each page! What a treasure to remember ;)

Lastly, I am sharing a very pretty page created by Sara! She uses this simple quote on her page in a cool and eye catching way! I love her design to this page as well!

Next time you scrap, consider using a quote on your scrapbook page :)