Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Designer Showcase: Simple Things

Do you share those simple things in life on your scrapbook pages? Or do you just stick the big events? I think it so important to share the little things in life. Smiling people in photos, small joys, and simple things are so important to document and remember! I am sharing a few of the contributors' pages that display this theme ... so get ready for some fabulous pages!

Vicky is sharing a page of the joys of just sitting and smelling the flowers. What a great photo and pretty memory to scrap. Do you have photos like this, get out your supplies and scrap 'em!

Next, is a beautiful page by Dolores and time she spent with her beautiful dog! Look at how absolutely precious this moment is how well she scrapped it! She will always remember how happy she was in these photos!


Sara is sharing a special moment between friends. Sharing little moments like this will help you reflect on what you did that day and the wonderful feelings you had with your friends!

Nancy is sharing two fabulous pages which are two photos where she celebrates the smiles in each photo. These simple themes seem simple from the outside, but actually represent a day and time in her children's development.  So, get inspired and scrap some of those great smiling photos!


Are you inspired? I am!! Send me your "simple things" pages and I will feature them on the blog!