Saturday, April 24, 2010

Packing For a Crop!

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When I first started scrapping 15 years ago, it was easy to attend a crop. There weren’t many products available, mostly stickers, a few patterned papers, maybe some punches. Back then, I could pack pretty much everything I owned into a tote bag to attend a crop. My how times have changed. Today, with the numerous papers and embellishments available, there is no way I could even begin to take everything.

I, like many of you, plan on attending a crop to celebrate National Scrapbook Day. For me, this is an annual event which I often travel, by plane, to attend. So, packing for a crop has become a bit of an art. The first thing you should always do is check with your host. Odds are, if it is a store, they have many larger items that are available for your use such as die cut machines, punches, and other tools. And, even if your crop is being hosted by an individual, they or one of the other guests may be bringing tools and supplies that are available for your use. No sense in everyone bringing a Cricut, their entire supply of paint, or inks.

The key here for me, like in many other things, is organization. I find that if I bring a few coordinated things then the packing is much easier. I don’t need to bring every color button, every color trim, and every flower. To do this I start with a theme. This time, for me, Disney. I have my Disney photos and papers, a few embellishments. Done.

And, since over the weekend I may get tired of looking at Mickey, I have thrown in some photos from Easter with a set of papers and embellishments that will coordinate.

I grab my basic tools; trimmer, scissors, adhesives (bring plenty), ruler, white and black pens, and I am ready to scrap. And I always bring post it notes, just in case I need to make myself a note of something to add when I get home.

I also bring some idea books, and maybe a project kit or two, just in case the mojo won’t flow. Sometimes just following instructions, getting my hands dirty is a good place to start. And I know, it sounds silly, but don’t forget your photos. I know people who have done just that.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

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  1. Such a great post Nancy! I swear, you are so organized... you put me to shame. Plus, you really make me want those Webster's papers. LOL I can't wait to see your pages when you come back from the crop!