Thursday, April 29, 2010

Computer Programs To Use - NEED your feedback!

Hello everyone and happy Thursday!! I get asked a lot which computer program I use and if I like it. I am looking for your feedback about what computer program to use when editing photo, typing in text, doing digital pages and anything other features you think of. Just leave a comment and tell the pros and cons of each program you have. You can add more thought to programs I have already posting info on. Please add any information you want to contribute like price, how easy it is to you, and features you like and hate. I will make a master list and post it next week!! I will start with some of my thoughts. You can also send me an email at if you don't want to leave a comment.

Photoshop Pro's: (I need your input because I don't have this program)
Photoshop Cons's: "

Photoshop Elements Pro's: Easy to use for editing photos and making digital pages. Seems to be the best of Photoshop with some of it's features. Has a great list of custom tools to use. Reasonable price
Photoshop Elements Con's: Doesn't have all of the features that I need to complete a digital project. They seem to come out with a new version very often.

Paint Shop Pro Pro's: I find this program is easy to use and has neat way to do photo editing.
Paint Shop Pro Con's: My version crashes a lot and makes my computer run slow!!

Microsoft Picture It Pro's: (I need your input because I don't have this program)
Microsoft Picutre It Con's: "

The Print Shop Pro's: This program makes it so easy to print the exact size of photos and text. It shows you a 8.5" by 11" printing screen and has a ruler. Formating text is so easy.
The Print Shop Con's: You can't really do digital scrapbooking (on my version).

Are there any other programs out there you use? Remember I need your feedback badly, so please leave me a comment to help advise on what computer program is best for someone :)


  1. I use an old version of Microsoft Picture IT. Pros - It should be called photo editing for dummies! I can easily work with it and there wasn't much of a learning curve for editing pictures. I can crop, resize, edit and print pictures.

    Cons - It does not do a very good job lightening or darkening pictures. I do not think a digital page could be done with the limits of this software.

  2. I use BOTH paint shop pro and photoshop cs3. I love both of them for totally different reasons. I love the ease you can use tempaltes in say you ahve a shaped photo spot....its a lot easier to make it fit that spot nd look good in PSCS3. I also do most of my photo editing and photo effects there. I like paint shop pro cuz its super easy to use, and relatively inexpensive BUT so is PSE!!

  3. Pros- bought Photoshop Elements Version 8 -- 9 is just coming out

    Cons- begged Best Buy to take back and they did!! I am 46 years old and have basic to intermediate computer skills....the program is just so hard to do one skill...pull up the help bar and it was a entire screen of do this do that. I have the photo program from Window 7 and it does just fine for me!

  4. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [30 Apr 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  5. Print Shop has some nice features, easy photo filters, but has proprietary file types and their clipart (at least my v. 21) is pretty outdated. I wish they would weed out the 15 year old stuff!! I do like that you can search from their program.

    I currently have PSE4 and am unsure what to upgrade to, so I'll be watching this post!! I get annoyed that I can only have one catalog open at a time on "4" (but multiple catalogs would probably crash my old computer!!), I wish I could "flag" pictures in the catalog that I want to pull and compare side by side (without bothering with creating a removing tags to do this!!)

    Also, I want software that makes collages easy. I've had some obslete software in the past that would do this... I just want something with 50+ templates for 12x12 that I can pop pictures in and out(w/o worring about screwing up the template by clicking and moving the wrong layer!!) and swap them, and drag their corners to resize (similar to Smilebox or something) but still have some customization abilities. I tend to be more of a "collager", scrapping a layout with several pictures.

    ...hehe, I think I'm done now... not sure if any of this helped you though!!

  6. I currently use Photoshop CS4, started out with CS3. I STARTED digital scrapping, because my youngest gifted me with CS3 before he left for Iraq...and CHALLENGED me to "master" it before he came home! Dale's been back for a year now...I never MASTERED it, but I'm able to do a lot more than he thought I would, lol.

    Pros? Well, I like that I can do EVERYTHING with CS4, from photo editing, to scrapping, to designing my own kits! There are also SO MANY brushes, actions, textures, etc. on the internet that I can download and use! The possibilities seem endless!

    Cons? It does have a steep learning curve! BUT there are all kinds of tutorials to be found online. And it comes with a hefty price tag!

    That being said, I want to add that most of what I do with CS4, I learned by simply sitting down and playing with it. When I got frustrated, I'd step away for a while or try something else with the program. Just play with the all the filters, etc, to see what they do. It turned out to be a lot of fun, and I still find new things to do with it almost every time!

  7. I use Photo Impact - have versions 11 & 12 by ULead and Version X3 by Corel.

    I can't really think of any Cons regarding this program except that Corel isn't bringing out any new versions as far as I know.

    Pros - I can do any wonderful for designing elements, editing photos and making digital scrapbook pages. I can also do animations. It has all the usual tools eg. lasso, cloning, burning, erasing, layering, masking etc.

    It is also quite reasonably priced.