Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy National Scrapbook Day!!

Today, I am SO honored to share some readers' and contributors' favorite projects! Get ready for some great inspiration!! I hope you have time to be creative today ;) First I am featuring readers' favorite projects!

Here are links to the blogs of the readers that I am featuring, so make sure you check out their blog:

Shelby's Blog
Monica's Blog
Alison's Blog
Sara's Blog
Cheryl's Blog
Tanya's Blog

First up is Shelby! She created this beautiful layout call "Swing." Didn't this page turn out super cute, I am so inspired! Here is what Shelby had to say about it: "Look for different ways to use patterned paper. Use small patterns for suns, clouds etc to add a whimsical feel to your pages. " (You can visit her fun blog here)

Next up is a really cool 2 page layout by Monica! I love how sporty and fun this layout, "Roll With It", is!! This is what Monica had to say about her page: "When choosing colors for a page don’t forget to look to a color wheel. Complementary colors, opposites on the wheel, are very striking but a little goes a long way. Try using split complementary colors. Instead of using the color directly across the color wheel use the colors on either side. This creates a pleasing combination without the stark contrast of a complementary color scheme." (Don't forget to check out Monica's blog here)

Next up is a super cute page called "Joy" by Alison! I love how well she scrapped this perfect dancing moment. Alison had this to say about how she made this page: "I had printed off 3 of the pictures of Paige dancing to use for my January Project 12 layout but they didn't work there. Then the Sketchy Thursday sketch that I've attached got posted. I knew it was the perfect sketch for my pictures but that I also needed a couple more. Luckily I had lots more on my hard drive as I'd just bought a new camera and had gone to town at her ballet class!! I wanted the layout to be girly and very pink (it's her favourite colour and her ballet outfit sort of lent itself to a pink scheme) so I dug into my ever increasing stash of pink papers (with 3 girls it's hard to buy anything BUT pink!) and found the pink and brown butterfly ones from S.E.I. The basic layout came together very quickly after that! Oddly enough the buttons took me a long time to "get right". I played with a variety of combinations of colours, sizes and arrangement before settling on what you see. Silly that something as simple as buttons should be so hard! And then I added my journaling card (which was not in the sketch) by tucking it behind one of my pictures with a little ribbon pull." (You can learn more about Alison on her blog here)

Our next fabulous page, called "Believe in Yourself," is by Sara! This is really a neat hockey page! I am loving the design with all the stars on it to go with the theme! Here is what Sara had to say about her page: "I wanted to enter this page of my husband playing hockey. I love these pictures of him and I wanted to make a great 'man' layout (you know nothing to frilly or pretty) to showcase them." (Check out Sara's blog here)

Our next project is by Cheryl! She used a super cool mosaic technique on this card. I love how it turned out!! Cheryl explains how she created the look: "Here is my latest mosaic card with the little giraffe freebie from meljens designs. The technique I used was very simple, assemble your too small scraps to make a mosaic design. Spray white card stock with Craft bond, attach assorted pieces, finish with a thin layer of matte Mod Podge. When dry use card stock as base for a card or scrapbooking page!" (Don't forget to visit her blog for more ideas here)

I am sharing a couple pages from a scrapbooker named Tanya! She sent a few pages and I knew I wanted to feature a couple of them! They are both super duper cute! This is what Tanya had to say about the first one: "A story of one day! She can make so many different funny faces." (You can see more fabulous project on her blog here)

On this next adorable page, Tanya said this about her page: "So sad and thoughtful look! In such moments I just want to kiss her to make her smile a me =)"

Now it's time to highlight some contributors' favorite pages!

Susan is up first! She chose this gorgeous page as her favorite and I can see why!! This is what Susan had to say about her page: "This layout is definitely one of my favorites. It’s a photo of my grandson during a rare quiet moment. The design for this layout was a total lift of a framed piece I saw in one of the banks where I was working. Each layer of the “frame” on my layout is on pop-dots to give it dimension. It’s a very simple layout, but to me, it places the emphasis completely on Adam…and that was what I was trying to do."

Nancy created the next beautiful page. Look at the detailing work on her page, wow! Nancy had this to say about her layout: "Don't limit yourself to just paper when you scrapbook. Sometimes bits of fabric scraps and lace can come together to build the perfect background."

Lydia created this next fun page! I love that cute photo along with the playful colors. This is so fun!! Lydia had this to say about her page: "To set the title and theme to this lo I used our last name "SIEGEL" to help me prep for this lo."

This next page is by Cathy! Look at how fun and festive her page is! The perfect Disney page and I love that bling swirlie! This is what Cathy had to say about her layout: "One of our favorite activities when we visit Disney is searching for "hidden Mickeys". So to record this, I always hide Mickeys on all of my Disney pages. This particular page has 4 hidden Mickeys. The Mickeys on the t-shirts don't count! LOL"

Delaina is up next with a fabulously stitched page! I love how well this captures the feeling of being there on the train tracks! Delaina said this about her page: "I made the trac stitching by using 2 different size plates and tracing around them...then just linked them together with stitching randomly to mimic a RR Trac."

(Out for Publication)

Here is a fabulous favorite page of Heather! She did such a neat job of combining colors and matting in on black! This really pops. That picture is super cute as well ;)

I hope you are as inspired as I am with these favorite pages!!


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