Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Few Contributor's Pages Through the Years!

Hello everyone, I thought it would be cool to include some of the contributors old and new styles.
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Up first is Heather! She included page from the years 2006 - 2010! Up first is 2006. Heather had to this to say about scrapbooking that year, "The trend in 2006 was to round the corners on everything! I had a corner rounder, and I definitely knew how to use it."

Next is the page "Love." Heather said this about the her style that year, "In 2007, I got my Cricut, and went completely die cut crazy! I don't think there is a single layout of mine from 2007 without a die cut or doodling. This page has BOTH!"

Next up is 2008. Heather had this to stay about her style, "In 2008, I started worrying less about things being acid free and going in with a more artistic approach to my layouts with nontraditional embellishments."

Up next is 2009! Heather said, "2009 was the year of the square for me. I've noticed that I started using less circles and die cuts. I started using more clean lines, and less embellishments. I also started focusing more on journaling. "

Now is 2010, Heather shares this about her style, "So far in 2010, my style is still evolving into a more clean graphic style. I love using my own handwriting for journaling. That is something I didn't do as much in the past. Even though I don't like my handwriting very much, it will mean a lot to my kids to have it someday!"


Next up is Nancy, who is one of our newest contributing artists!! I will be announcing her on Tuesday but wanted her to participate in this challenge :) So stay tuned to Tuesday's post!!

She is sharing page from 1996 to 2010! Here is her page from 1996! It features a mostly white background and some stickers.

Here is a page from 1998. As you can see the page has little cardstock and a circle photo. There wasn't a whole lot of scrapping supplies available back then. I didn't even know what scrapbooking was in 1998!

Here is a page by Nancy from that is a two-pager. As you can see there are a lot more large shaped things, such as birds and trees.

This next page is from 2000! She has rounded corners on her photos and some paper tearing. You can also see some fun Disney paper piecings!

This is another page from 2000 featuring paper dolls!

Here is a page 2001! It features die cuts ...

This next page is from 2002 and features chalk and dolls.

Here is another from Nancy from 2002 featuring whole scene die cuts!

Nancy's next page had fibers and flowers! I do remember when fibers were they next big thing.

This next page had chalk and rub-ons! You can see the products of the industry changing now!

Here is a page from 2006! You can see a lot more fun patterns to the paper and chipboard letters!

Here are a couple of pages from 2007 featuring buttons and large flowers!

This is a page from 2008. You can see lots of more flowers and circular patterns.

This page from 2009. Lots of fun paper layering and chipboard accents.

Here are some recent page by Nancy :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing how styles have changed over the years!


  1. Nancy,

    I loved seeing how your style changed over the years! I think your Pooh Sticks layout is super cool. I actually LIKE all of the die cut work you did. You rock!

  2. Watching the evolution of a scrapper is so interesting. Love the way you approached it, Pammy. Nice job.

  3. Heather and Nancy, I LOVE seeing how your style has changed over the years. Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to see other designers' changing styles!