Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Designer Showcase: Monochromatic Pages

The monochromatic look can give a really interesting and beautiful appearance to your scrapbook pages. To get the monochromatic look, chose a basic color and stay at the same hue but different brightnesses. Sometimes it can be hard to not want to add contrasting colors ... if you like you can add a tiny bit of of another color. Check out these examples by the fabulous contributors (and two from me) to know what I am talking about!

Nancy created this amazing page using the reddish/pink tones in various brightness. As you can see she has used the colors from very light pink to red. It really gives this page a gorgeous look! Nancy also used a template/sketch created by Heather a week ago. You can see it here. Check out Nancy's page!

Lisa created three gorgeous monochromatic pages. The first page gives a beautiful wintery feel by using monochromatic whites! This really makes the photo pop while decorating the pages quite well!

Next, Lisa created a monochromatic page using a light blue all the way to down to white a bit of silver! Can you see how much the eyes of her daughter stand out? I love the accents and that "icy" blue feel to the page!

Lisa's last pages featured the gorgeous colors of brownish yellow. This turned out just perfect as a "dreamy" and whimsical page. The monochromatic colors really add a that perfect touch to achieve this look!

Here are a couple monochromatic pages by me. The first page features a color palette of very light pink to red for a neat anniversary page.

My second page features a white to gray color scheme in honor of the beautiful baby swan I saw at the park! As you can see the photos stand out quite well in the page and I stayed with bright green to give that fresh spring feel (rather than turning my page into black and white for a full monochromatic page).

I hope you have enjoyed these monochromatic pages :)