Monday, December 20, 2010

Looking For Featured Artists on Fridays!

Hi everyone, I am looking for Featured Artists for the last week of January, February and March 2011. Sharing featured artists is one of my most FAVORITE aspects of the blog!
Featured Artists share a bio and photo of themselves plus these post ideas:
-A tutorial with photos
-Project using templates (with a special tip and photos on how they created it)
-A project from start to finish (with a special tip and photos on how they created it)
-How to do a certain thing (like journaling or design elements)
-Shortcuts on how to create projects
-Anything else creative you can think of (I am open to anything :) )

You can see what previous featured artists have done here. Would you like to be a featured artist on the blog and share some of your creativity?
Send me an email at with the title of "featured artist" and we can schedule a date! Thanks so much!

NOTE: Previous featured artist may send me another email if they would like to be featured again!

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