Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Designer Showcase: No People Pages

Scrapbooking people is always fun, but have you tried to create a page without any people? It is important to capture those memories that may not have people in... so get ready for some fabulous contributor inspiration on no people pages! :)

Dolores created a bunch of no people pages. As you can see each layout captures something special to her from her dog's paws to landscape photos!  Take a peak as these beautiful pages!

Next up is Sara who created this amazing page! She captured this memory just perfectly and journaled a lot about her feeling! Take a peek at Sara's layout ...

Cathy created a few no people pages as well!  Each layout captures a Christmas photo with lots of memory behind it! I love that she scrapped so many things like ornaments, the tree and the decorated house! Take a look at her pages.

Hope you are inspired to create your own non-people page! Have a great day!


  1. These are fabulous pages. I had to LOL at the chocolate!

  2. Beautiful pages girls! Thank you so much for sharing them! Dolores, that "Paws" page makes me smile every time I see it! LOL