Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Children's Party Gifts

During the holidays, we often attend and host parties where we want to give a little something to all the children in attendance.  It helps if it is something quick and easy and the children can help make it.

Reindeer Food has always been a big hit around our house.  What is more fun than going outside on Christmas Eve to leave some goodies for the reindeer.  A bit of oats for the reindeer (it will melt into the lawn with the dew, so it is gone in the morning) and some glitter is all you need for the food. 

Or maybe some snowman poop?  My children love potty humor, but then what child doesn't.   Some mini marshmallows in a bag with a cute poem.


  1. Oh this brings back memories.. I think we did something like this years ago when my oldest was little.. except reindeer poop.. (choc. covered raisins)! :)

  2. Cute idea, and easy to send through the post to children I know who are not close by, thanks :-)