Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Snowy Comparison

I can't be the only one that's constantly searching for the best products to create snow on my layouts! I thought it would be neat to do a little comparison of the products that I use so everyone can see how well they work and how much coverage they provide. I created this little chart below using the products I currently have on hand.

From left to right I used: Martha Stewart's Coarse Marble Glitter, Martha Stewart's Fine Crystal Glitter, Stampendous "Cotton Ball White" Fun Flock, Stickles "Frosted Lace" Glitter Glue, Martha Stewart's Fine Marble Glitter, Martha Stewart's "Snow" Glitter, White Acrylic Paint, and Mudd Puddles Sand Paint in "Snow".

You can see that each product has a varying degree of coverage and shine. My favorite thing to do is to mix multiple different products to create a unique look. For example, on the layout below I turned the acrylic snowflakes over and used a light wash of blue alcohol ink on them. After the alcohol ink dried, I applied Stickles and let them dry. More of the background was showing through than I wanted so I finally went over them with white paint. It had the added bonus of sealing everything in and hiding where I applied my glue. I liked how they turned out so much that I did the same thing with the acrylic alphabet.

 In this next layout I used lots of white and blue papers to convey an icy cold feeling. When I decided to add more glitter to the project, I matched the grey in my photos and my papers with Platinum Stickles. It adds a ton of bling but it's not too much! (Just around the circles on the snowflakes.)

This layout is another example of mixing supplies. I was working on adding a snowy feel to the white backgrounds of the snowflakes because they felt too plain to me. First, I added the Stampendous "Fun Flock" product. It didn't show up as well as I had hoped so I ended up adding some of the Martha Stewart "Snow" glitter. I ended up loving the finished snowflakes. I also added "Frosted Lace" Stickles around the circles in the center of the snowflakes and around the outer edges of the die cut paper.

Also, don't forget that you can convey a snowy feeling without using anything but paper! You might not even NEED any other product. For example, on this layout the curving lines of the pink paper are similar to snow drifts, and the scalloped white edge along the bottom has the feel of a snow bank too.


  1. WOW!!!These layouts are just stunning - you really rocked them!

  2. gorgeous layouts, love the comparison.

  3. Gorgeous lo's! thanks for all the always doing the same!