Monday, December 6, 2010

Note Paper Gift Set

Every year we try and make at least a few handmade gifts for friends and family.  It is sometimes a bit of a struggle to come up with new ideas that are simple to make and that my daughters can help with.  This year I thought...why not some notepaper sets.

For Each set you will need
1 12x12 sheet of cardstock
Coordinating patterned paper and embellishments
1 small notepad (I like the white ones)
1 post it note pad
1 clear pen

First cut the 12x12 sheet of paper to 8 1/2x12 for the notepad, saving the 3 1/2 x12 for the post it note holder.

You will score the large sheet of paper at 5 1/8 inches, then at 5 3/8 and then again at 10 1/2.

Fold your paper at all the score lines.  With this size paper, you will have 1 1/2 inches at the edge for a little pocket.  This pocket could hold receipts and other little goodies.

 To form the pocket, glue just the top and bottom section of the paper.
Adhere the notepad to the inside of the card stock and embellish as desired.

For the Post it Note holder.
Cut the 3 1/2 x12 cardstock to 3 1/2 x  6 5/8.  Save the scrap for the pen.

Score this sheet of paper at 3 1/8 and 3 1/2.

Make your folds, and adhere the post it notes to the inside, embellishing the front as desired.

Finally, for the pen.
I used a clear pen from the local office supply.  Cut your paper to 3 1/2x 7/8.  Use the end of a paintbrush or other small round tool to help roll the paper lengthwise.  Unscrew bottom of pen and insert paper roll.  Super simple.

Hope you enjoy making one of these desk sets.


  1. These are great! The pen tip is my favorite, I have never seen a tut for it, thanks for sharing all of the instructions.

  2. What a great idea, simple, affordable and thoughtful! Thanks

  3. These instructions are easy to follow! Thank you!

  4. such a cute and great idea for some holiday gifts too!

  5. Such a wonderful tutorial Nancy! Thanks so much for sharing!