Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa’s Naughty Coal Bag

Have you been naughty this year? Well, as some of us parents know that are children can be naughty sometimes…especially teenage years! Lol So this layout was inspired for fun to remind us that not always are our children as nice as we want them to be. The tag was inspired on line from design des troy. I loved the tag and so I decided to make my own. It is not exact but close enough to make right in your own home! Oh, and of course like I always say “any size or colors”!

First, on Microsoft word I typed with times new roman in dark red the fun tag, then using any kind of signature type “Santa Claus” in green. Print on paper and then place a tag over the top and print again. I made my tag 2.5 inches.

Next, I printed “naughty” in dampfplatz demibold in bright red and printed it on paper. The fun part is to place it in the center sideways and print again. Now you have your naughty tag. I chalked the edges in black to give it a dusty coal look.

To make the coal, I just went out in my yard and picked up a rock, I painted it black and let it dry. Pretty simple, cheap and it looks like real coal.

Finally, the Santa bag is a piece of red felt, 4inch by 6inch and gathered at the top with some ribbon and your naughty tag. I folded under the bottom to look like a sack and hot glued it together. So there is your “Santa’s Naughty Coal Bag”…so you better be nice!

Here is the finished embellishment on a layout:

Here are some close-ups:

Happy Holidays!


  1. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [14 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  2. a fabulous idea!! stunning layout!

  3. Super job on this! I love the rock/coal!!!

  4. Hi Lisa,
    While we're flattered that you like our work and appreciate that you've credited us as your inspiration, we are troubled that you have copied our gift tags so literally. We work very hard on our designs and the finished tags were available for just $2. We wish that you would have just bought one of the tags, or else made the design somewhat more your own.

    Samantha and Owen
    Design des Troy