Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Designer Showcase: Projects Using Glimmer Mist

Do you love glimmer mist? I have to be honest and say that I have never used it before except once to die some chipboard (which was a long time ago). BUT after seeing these examples by the contributors, it makes me want to buy some and use it on my page! I know you will be inspired by these pages!!

First up with two glimmer mist pages is Heather. I love how she used just bit of glimmer mist coming of the corner of her papers to give it that perfect touch! It really matches well with her pages!

Lisa is sharing three glimmer mist projects with us! As you can see, Lisa used masking with glimmer mist on her the first two beautiful pages! On her third page, she used glimmer mist along the edges (with a little bit of masking) for a cool effect which goes so well with her themed page!

Nancy is sharing two pages with us! On Nancy's first pretty page she misted the seam binding and big flower to match them to the page! On the second page (which the photo was taken by Michelle Unruh) she masked the paper to match the background paper. Such cool looks to these pages!

Sara is also sharing two pages with us!! In these two fabulous examples you can see the glimmer mist was used in the background and matches her color scheme so well. It really gives a neat effect on each page :)

Lastly, I am sharing a beautiful page by Dolores! She colored cream flower (near the title) to match her page using glimmer mist. I love this idea since I have a lot of "cream" flower laying around! I will have to try this!

I hope these pages are as inspiring to you as they are to me!! :)


  1. I too love and use Glimmer Mist. Misting flowers is one of my fav things to do as is using the Pearl Color to give projects/layouts a sparkle when done with them. Those layouts are all so fab. tfs.

  2. Beautiful layouts ladies! Thank you so much for all of the inspiration!