Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pocket Organizer

My family really enjoys all things Disney. Trips to the Disney Parks are filled with scrapbooking opportunities and memories to be shared with family for years to come.

Today I'm going to share a crafting project that could have many uses. I made mine as a Disney trip planner, but it could also be used as a planner or mini-album. You could use it to prepare for the holidays to track your card list, gift buying and budget. And this project is easy on your budget. It uses supplies that you probably have on hand. The base is a file folder.

I re-used a file folder for my project. You'll need a file folder with the tab on the left, adhesive, papers, trimmer and embellishments.

See the coffee mug in the background? Yep, it's Mickey! Just one of several Disney mugs I have. If you look closely in some of these photos, you'll see that I even have on a Mickey watch. I told you we love Disney!

Let's fold the file folder to create the pockets. First open it so that the tab is at the upper right. Then fold the bottom up about 4 inches as shown in this photo.Now fold the left edge in toward the center until the straight part touches the center line. (see below)

Fold the right side in toward the left until the "binding" area or back edges, line up.

After the final fold, your folder will look like this:

Now you can use your papers to decorate the inside pages, and your front and back covers. I also inked the edges.

Use your adhesive to seal the outer edges of the pockets. Embellish your pockets and cover. Create cards or inserts and place them in the pockets. I created places to track dining reservations, our agenda, Hidden Mickey's that we find (we love those!). Since I may re-use this planner, I attached those lists to cardstock using brads, so I can add more or replace them as needed. I also created a pocket to keep receipts. For that I recycled a return address envelope, you know the kind that comes in your junk mail?!

To make this, just seal the envelope, then trim off one of the edges to create the pocket. Cover it with pretty papers. I attached some ribbon through an eyelet to use as a pull for the envelope.

I placed eyelets at the base of the front and back covers, slipped some ribbon through. I knotted it on the inside and use it to close the accordian book or planner.

Here is a look at the completed inside pages of my planner.

I hope you enjoy creating something handy with this versatile project. I saw a great holiday planner made in this same fashion in the ScrapMatters Newsletter. You may want to check that out for inspiration too.


  1. Love it, this may be good to keep character autographs in too & attach to a scrapbook page for an interactive pull out (if you make the autograph book yourself) which I have to get to gettin since we will be going to Disney in Nov for Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party! OMGosh I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the idea!!

  2. What a truly awesome project, which I've shared with a friend heading out to Disney in a few months. I might try this for a fun little gift for my girls with a different theme. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  3. Such a great project! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love it! What a great project- it would make a fantastic gift for a Disney fan.

  5. I totally agree that this is a great idea, so clever of you to think it up!! Cant wait to make one for an upcoming trip...thank you for sharing!

  6. Such a fabulous project Cathy! Thank you so very much for sharing! I could see making these for MANY reasons. Awesome!

  7. oh Cathy I love it thanks for sharing!

  8. Do you have more photos on how to make this? Or pictures of what supplies you used? I'm pretty inept when it comes to scrapbooking and have limited supplies where we are stationed.

    1. Veronica - I used a manilla file folder to make the base of the planner/mini-album. I used envelopes from junk mail for the pockets. I adhered yardstick and patterned paper to them. I'm sorry I don't have any other photos from making this project. I hope this helps.