Thursday, September 30, 2010

What To Do With The Leftovers?

Do you have leftovers?  No, not from dinner last night but from your scrapbooking supplies.  To me a 'leftover' is the last 2-3 stickers or chipboard on a sheet that you have already used, extra punched out shapes that you might not have used on a project, an odd emblishment or two that came from a kit that you did not use or last few alphabet stickers/chipboard on a sheet.  I also find as time goes on and my tastes change I may not use all of a product. When I have leftovers I put them in my left over basket!

I find myself getting over whelmed with using up what I have and making room for new goodies so I created the leftover basket as a place for me to keep products that I like but have used most of them however, they are not with my regular scrapbooking supplies.

So when do I use my leftovers?  Well my favorite thing to do with my leftovers is to make cards and tags.  When I have a bit of free time but dont want to get in to a scrapbook page I will go to my basket and whip out a few cards. Its also great if you want to travel to a friends and do some paper crafting, all you need is your leftovers, scrap paper and tools and you can make lots goodies! The best part is you can feel good knowing you are using up your stash!

Here are two cards I made in 10 mins out of my leftovers!



  1. One thing I often do is pass them on to my kids or a local non profit - getting a tax deduction while at it - who uses them to make cards for the military.

  2. Good info. I shared it with MD Scrapbooking Divas.

  3. Great ideas! I often will give mine to the elementary school or the Children's Hospital art therapy program.

  4. Such a good idea! Sooooo much easier to just dump it all STRAIGHT INTO A BASKET. I love that Idea and am going to try it! I get together for a crop night once a month at a local place here with some friends and I've realized with all the chitter chatter we do I can never get a layout done in the 4-5 hours we spend there but I sure can whip up some cards with scraps so this idea will really work great for me! Thanks for sharing. Great cards by the way!

  5. Such a great idea Sara! And it saves me from having to re-file everything. LOL Love it!