Monday, September 13, 2010

Flip Flop Accordian Album

Hi everyone! Like so many of us, it has been such a busy summer. I have really gotten behind with my scrapbooking. I took lots of photos all summer long, and now I am beginning to utilize them. I saw an album similar to this at my LSS, and I thought it would be really cute to make one for some of our summer activities and photos. The instructions seem long - but please don't let that put you off, as it is just because I try to give somuch help in my write up. Actually this album is very easy and very inexpensive to make.

Supplies needed:

1 pair of flip flops (I used the kind from Michael's Crafts that are roughly $1 a pair)
Cardboard (I used pieces from a box)
Tan colored textured (for the thickness) cardstock
White colored textured (for the thickness) cardstock
Patterned paper (you will want to go with something that has some thickness to it versus the real thin patterned paper)
Paper adhesive (I used Zip Dry)
Super Glue (or rubber adhesive)
Any embellishments you want to use


1. First trace the exterior of the flips flops to make a template. Cut these two pieces out, and this will be used as the template to make all of the feet.

2. On the cardboard, use the template to trace and cut out 6 feet (3 left feet and 3 right feet).

3. Using the tan textured cardstock cut out 20 strips for the binding of the accordion album. 10 strips cut to size 3 1/2 inches x 1 3/4 inches, and the other 10 cut to size 2 1/2 inches x 1 inch.

4. Take the 10 size 3 1/2 inches x 1 3/4 inches strips. Glue 2 of them together at a time, so you will end up with 5 bindings that are double thick.

5. Repeat this same process for the 10 size 2 1/2 inches x 1 inch strips. You will then have 5 of the smaller bindings which are double thickness (see below for both size bindings).

6. Fold each of the 10 bindings in half.

7. Then start with 2 feet and position them Right to Left. Adhere the binding tabs with the small one at the top and the larger one at the bottom. Make sure the fold is facing outward. The good thing about Zip Dry glue is that is dries great (clear and holds well), but once you first apply it, you have a minute or so before it starts to bond. Take this time to fold the two feet together and make sure they line up. If they do not,then adjust the bindings accordingly (see below).

8. Repeat this process two more times, so you have 3 separate sets of feet bonded together, all with the feet Right to Left, and all with the binding fold facing outward. Each time you apply the glue, take time before the glue sets to fold each set of feet together, to make sure they line up. If they don't then just adjust the bindings accordingly.

9. Then take two sets of feet (that are already bonded together), and adhere them together with the binding glued on the opposite side with the fold facing outward (this is important as it will not fold properly if the bindings are not correct).

10. Repeat this process again with the last set of feet.

11. Now you should have all 6 feet bonded together Right to Left, with 3 sets of bindings facing you (on what will ultimately be the back of the album), and two sets of bindings on the opposite side (which will ultimately be the front of the album). With all folds facing outward (see below). It should all fold up like an accordion now, with the tabs all in the same spot when closed. Don't worry about the thickness of the bindings on top of the cardboard. Using textured cardstock and thicker patterned paper, and then adding the photos and embellishments - the binding thickness will not even show.

12. On the white textured cardstock, use the template to trace and cut out 4 feet (2 left feet and 2 right feet).

13. Glue the feet to the album Left to Right leaving the first and last feet plain (see below). You are still on the side with the three bindings facing outward (this will be the back side of the album).

14. On the patterned paper (choose thicker paper), use the template to trace and cut out 6 feet (3 left feet and 3 right feet).

15. Turn the album over, and adhere the 6 patterned paper feet to the front of the album (see below).

16. Then add your photos. I used 5 feet each for different summer activities, and one foot for an envelope that I put a journaling card in for details regarding each of the 5 feet. I mounted my photos on white cardstock (see below).

Journaling card inside the envelope (see below).

17. Then adhere the Right flip flop to the back of the album. I used Super Glue. I think a rubber adhesive would work, but I did not have one handy.

18. Decorate the Left flip flop since this will be the front of the album, and adhere the Left flip flop to the front of the album ( see below). Once you have the front and back glued on, you can hold each of the flip flop straps (one in each hand), and pull. The album will them open like an accordion.

19. Lastly, I covered a little box with matching paper, so I can put the album in it, and sit in on a table top (see below):

I hope you enjoy this, and if you do end up making this album, please send us photos. Thank you.


  1. I love the idea! I'll be sharing this with my readers too, thank you :]

  2. What an absolute adorable blog. Found you by fluke and became a follower! Great start of my day! TFS all of your wonderful creations!! :-)

  3. Such a cool project Cindy! I love what you did here!

  4. Neat idea! This would be great for my nieces.

  5. This is really neat! Definitely a conversation piece sitting on your coffee table!

  6. Cindy, your flip flop album turned out so cute! Back in 2008 I made one for a girl that I worked with. She was getting married and we had her a little wedding shower so I used the pics from that to make album for her. I have enclosed the link for the 2peas if you want to see it:
    I am working now on one for my grand daughter from our summer vacation to the beach. Trying to finish it tonight. Happy scrapping!