Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A New Ribbon Template!

I got to do something special this past month that touched me personally. I have a dear friend that is fighting cancer. We live 1,1100 miles apart so I don't see her often. I heard about the Pink Fire Truck tour at work. They are a group of firefigthers that tour the country promoting cancer awareness and raising funds for local cancer efforts. Their website is here. They travel with real honest to goodness firetrucks that are painted bright pink. When I took my niece to visit a candy factory near Denver there in the parking lot was the Pink Fire Truck tour. Of course, we stopped by and visited the display. They had a newly painted "Pink" fire truck that they were allowing visitors to sign with the name of a friend or family member who had been touched by cancer. I had to add my friends name to the truck. I took pictures so I could send them to her. With this experience so fresh in my memory, I decided on a ribbon template. So many of us have loved ones that fight this disease, many of you may have pictures you'd like to save in a special way. Here is my layout from the our Pink Fire Truck Tour visit.

I put this layout together using a digital kit called "All A Flutter" created by the very talented Julie Billingsley. It is available for purchase at Sweet Shoppe Designs. I am enjoying her beautiful work.

For our readers I created two templates, one for paper scrappers and one for digi scrappers. First here is the sketch for paper scrappers.

For paper scrapping I have broken this sketch into two template pieces, one piece is the ribbon and the second piece is the background waves. First here is the ribbon.

Here is the background.

For our digi readers I have a PSD file that you can download. Click here for the file. Hope you enjoy this new template! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. This is so cool, the template and the cause. I'm sending this to my DH, a Fire Marshal and volunteer Fire Chief. Thanks for sharing this Dolores!

  2. This is gorgeous! I think I will adapt it to a card. Do you mind?

  3. This is amazing!! What a wonderful design.

  4. What a beautiful layout! I've never seen a pink firetruck- that is the coolest! What a fabulous cause too.

    Thank you for featuring my kit for the layout! Your design is gorgeous!

  5. What a great story, your friend is lucky to have you! I so hope she beats that cancer! And I luv the pink fire trucks and their cause; how awesome is that! I too have been touched by cancer, like so many others(My father passed away three yrs ago from cancer.). And yes I have pics waiting for this very template! Thank you so much for sharing your creations!

  6. This is so gorgeous and touching Dolores! Thanks for sharing your wonderful template.