Thursday, September 9, 2010

September Layout by Frank G.!

I love making a layout for each month of the year, and I recently started doing that since May of this year. I try to keep them simple yet functional. Here is how I made the September layout which has a bit of vintage in it and a very funny technique I discovered yesterday, which I’m sure most of you had seen before =)

I used some plaid paper, cut a strip of it, some cardboard, and a vintage picture from some paper cut in symmetrical strips, I also used some yard and some chipboard letters and some flowers, which you can use any kind you like to make your page unique to you.

I started out by positioning the picture and plaid strip, and grabbing each strip of the picture we cut previously and rolling them so they curl a bit and its easier to roll them after.

I then positioned each one below the plaid strip rolling them from the end a little and keeping the picture consistent, it almost feels like its moving!

I then added some distress ink to the cardboard, peeled paint by Tim Holtz.

This is what it looks like after adding the flowers and letters. I added some little knick knacks on top to fill some negative space as well with some left over scraps and yarn.

This is the finished layout! Hope you enjoyed this and I hope to see you all soon try this sometime! Thanks Pam once again!

(here are a couple more examples of pages that Frank made of previous months)



  1. great lo's Frank. Nice to see a guy enjoying the craft!

  2. neat paper technique, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks so much for the tutorial Frank! It's really neat to see a guy scrapbooking!

  4. Great layouts Frank! Love that fun technique.

  5. Thanks Girls for commenting on my layout =) thanks to Pam once again!!