Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Designer Showcase: Mix & Match Title Fonts

Have you tried to mix and match letter stickers for you title? I love using this technique. Sometimes I try to spice up my page by making the title several different fonts. The contributors for the blog are sharing some great ideas about mixing fonts for their titles! Check these out!

Nancy created these two amazing pages and she mixed the letter stickers very nicely! The first page is cool how she used all brown and different fonts! I like how she mixed up the color of the title on her second page.

Heather did a neat job of mixing the colors and fonts of her two beautiful pages! On the first page, the colors of the title really help bring out the colors in the photos! I am loving how different the fonts are on the second page. It is really a eye catching technique!

Sara made some really neat pages using this technique! Check out how she used large letters and small letters all on the same line! It looks so cool! On her second page, that pink work really makes the title pop!

I hope you are inspired to use this technique on your next page!

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