Monday, July 12, 2010

Creating a Dress Mannequin

I have seen so many dress mannequins lately. So instead of buying one I thought I could make my own!

1. These are the supplies you will need:
I used my cricut, but if you don’t have one you could use a template, a punch or hand drawn.
You need two hearts 2.5 inches, one needs to be silhouette, two triangles 2.5 inches, and again one must be a silhouette, a rectangle silhouette 1.5 inches, a table 3 inches long.
Scissors, glue, quilling strips, and embellishments of your choice.

2. Glue the 4 silhouetted pieces together and when dry cut out the middle parts as shown.

3. Then place the quilling strips .25 inches apart under the silhouette dress and when dry add the other heart and triangle pieces underneath. Embellish and you have your own homemade dress mannequin!

Here is an example on a layout!



  1. this is such a COOL idea!
    I love finding ways to make something new :)

  2. How neat! Thanks for sharing all these great ideas. Tracee x

  3. Awesome!!! I´ll post on my blog with a link back to you leave the credit. Thanks for sharing
    Hugs from Brazil

  4. Wonderful idea!!! Thanks for sharing!