Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun Ideas for Lace Papers

If you are like me, then you may have purchased a beautiful piece of lace paper without any particular project in mind. I tell myself that something will inspire me to use that piece of paper, I just need the right project. We today I wanted to share a couple of ways you might consider using that lace paper stash you have and I also want to share a tip on how to make working with lace paper a little easier. The first layout I have is titled "Live Laugh Love."

I have used lace paper as a background before, but sometimes my end product really covers up a lot of the beautiful lace design. So I decided I needed a page design that really allowed the beautiful lace to show! With my "Live Laugh Love" layout I made the lace paper a major part of the design and purposely didn't layer much of anything on top of it. Therefore the lace paper actually covers a majority of the space on the page.

Other times I have wanted to use lace paper as a layer in my layout and specifically wanted to cut the lace into a shape. Unfortunately detailed lace papers can have lots of loose pieces when you start cutting into them and in some cases you lose part of the lace design. The rose lace paper I used in my "Mr. & Mrs." page was typical of this issue. By the way, this picture is of me and my husband on our wedding day. Don't we look happy leaving the church!

To cut a simple circle out of my rose lace paper would have caused many of the swirl shapes to fall right out of the circle shape. It would have been a terrible puzzle trying to glue all these little pieces down and get them all in the right place. To solve this issue, before I did any cutting I decided to glue to the back of the lace paper a piece of acid free vellum. It is translucent so it doesn't show and it has plenty of body to hold all the pieces of the lace together. I used my Zig glue pen and just applied glue to the back of my lace where I thought my circle shape would intersect. Once I had the vellum glued down cutting a circle was easy. I just traced my circle on the back of the vellum paper and then cut the shape with my scissors. Every little piece of my lace stayed perfectly in place. So don't be afraid to cut those lace paper, this tip will keep all those little pieces right where you want them. Have fun!


  1. So beautiful pages!!! I'm speechless! =)

  2. Gorgeous! Great idea about the acid-free vellum!

  3. Great tips and beautiful pages! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Great tip Dolores! And your layouts are gorgeous as always!