Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Designer Showcase: Gift Boxes

Have you ever decorated or made your own gift box? Today I am sharing some great ideas for holding your gifts!

Cathy made three fabulous items! Check out this first box. I am loving how she decorated the outside of this!

Next, she created this amazing box! This is really pretty with the rose on the top and makes a great gift holder.

In this next box, Cathy thought outside of the box! She made these adorable cupcake holders that holds a gift card! This looks so yummy!

Lisa created really unique boxes to share! This first box is so pretty, I love the way she applied the ribbon!

For this next box, Lisa created her own "Tiffany" inspired box! This turned out sooo elegant!! I love beads on the box!

created this next beautiful box! This is delicate and would make that perfect gift holder. What a great idea!

Dolores created the next innovative boxes! In this first box she created this beautiful flower! I bet this person who received this loved this present ;)

The second box by Dolores is a such a neat way to make a box stand out. Don't you just love that flower being held into place by the paper!

In Dolores's third box, she shares with us another way to use a flower! I love these color she used on her box!

Lastly, Sara created some fabulous gift ideas! She made this bread holders and they turned out so neat looking! I am loving how she decorated them and the cute label on the holder!

I hope you are inspired to create your own gift box and other altered items! :)


  1. These are all beautiful and very creative!! My fave is the cupcake gift card holder. Would Cathy be willing to post a tutorial? Please!!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Great job girls!