Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stamp Storage

How do you store your stamps? I see this question repeatedly in scrap forums. There are as many possibilities for methods to store stamps as there are scrapbookers! I thought I would share some ways that we store our stamps.

Stamps are one of my addictions. I really love using them when I make cards, to create elements for my pages, for hybrid and altering projects. I just love stamps. As I keep collecting them, storing my stamps has been a challenge.Nancy shared her storage for stamps (photo above). She mainly has clear acrylic stamps.She keeps them neatly stored away in D-ring style scrapbook (that she snagged on sale!). She uses the C-Line Memory Book Organizer Pages to slip her stamps in and place in her book.

Lisa does something similar with her clear stamps. She use a 3-ring binder with sheet protectors for storing her clear acrylic stamps.

My wood mounted stamps are stored in a set of plastic stackable drawers. Now this is great for keeping them all corralled but, as you can see in the photo, it’s not easy to see all the stamps that are in the drawer. I’ve seen some people that use a small lipped shelf around their craft area to place their wood mount stamps. It makes really nice display as well as storage. I just don’t have that much crafting space. So my solutions tend to be cost and space conscious. If you have the space to do it, it would really look nice!

I’ve also seen people remove their stamps from the wood blocks to make storing them easier as it saves on the space needed. Basically it turns the wood mounted stamps into cling mounted rubber stamps.

I have a growing collection of cling-mounted rubber stamps myself. Some are from a monthly kit. I wanted a solution that allowed me to keep all the stamps from a month’s collection together. I found these great binders from Univenture that can hold plastic inserts to attach the stamps to. The binders are only $1.02 each! I can get a complete monthly kit into the binder and they take up minimal shelf space. I’m thinking about regrouping my other cling mount stamps into these binders as well. Perhaps one for Christmas, one for birthday, etc.

Once I have the stamps arranged on the insert, I make an imprint of it. I adhere that to the facing page in the binder. This gives me a quick visual of the stamp images as well as the layout of how I have the stamps arranged.

At the same web page where you can purchase the binders, are downloads for formatting a binder cover insert. Now you could have fun making it really pretty using your traditional or hybrid supplies. But I’m on a mission to get my area reorganized and just simply typed in the title for my binders and printed them. I then adhere the image samples that ship with the stamps to the front. Simple, fast and done!

Dolores has this great clear plastic containers to store her stamps. She is able to store wood mount, clear, rubber, any type of stamps in them. I like that they have colors to them as well.

Heather uses a similar idea. She has some inexpensive plastic tubs that allow her to store her stamps and see what is inside. Being a frugal scrapper, I love ideas that save us money. As Heather said, she'd rather spend the money on supplies rather than storage!

There is no right way or wrong way to storing your stamps. Whatever works to keep them organized, handy and ready for use is the right solution. So, how do you store your stamps? Feel free to share your ideas with us. We love to hear from you.


  1. all of mine are in drawers like the one pictured but I am ready to "try" the clear stamps in the binder...I like the idea of seeing them...

  2. Such a fun post Cathy! I always love seeing how other people store things! Apparently I need a binder now! LOL

  3. I just purchased these really cool stamp caddies from They are made from a company called ScrapCessories. They are really awesome and hold both clear stamps and the ones with EZ Mount on the back. I had converted all my wood mount stamps to EZ Mount a long time ago because I was running out of stamp storage. Check these out ladies!!!

  4. So interesting learning how everyone stores their stamps!