Monday, June 14, 2010

Special Tutorial by Delaina!

Today we have a special guest blogger!! It is Delaina who used to contribute to the blog. She sent me this excellent post and I wanted to share it! Here is her tutorial ...

I used the creative kit from My Creative Scrapbook for my tutorial.

I used a circle cutter shape as a template and lightly drew my Sun shape. I then just free handed the wavy rays.

I used a piece of scrap white cardstock and stamped the clouds....some dark and some light. To achieve that I just inked the stamp once and stamp a few times and then repeated. Use scissors to cut the cloud shapes close to inked areas.

I then poked holes where I drew the sun shape to prepare for stitching with floss and stitched.

I cut the paper shapes to these measurments...
Plaid Multi color-- 7 1/2" X 8"

Green Leaf-- 3 1/2" X 9"

Blue Pokadot is cut from Strip Paper

Plaid Scallop is from Chipboard Set

Layer as shown below...Photo is a 5" X 7"

Layer clouds as below using pop dots for dimension...

Add tabs as below...

Cut circles from pattered paper and add stitched button to the center...

Layer word card, glitter sticker attached to plastic and cut close, also put the blue letters on a piece of plastic and cut close...layer as below... ( I keep all my plastic packaging for words and such)

Instructions for this Pipe Cleaner Flower can be found on MY BLOG...

I hope you enjoy this...
HaPpY ScRapPinG!!!

Thanks Delaina for sharing this!


  1. wonderful layout! Thanks for showing us!

  2. Your step by steps are always so informative and fun Delaina! ~Gabi xx

  3. Delaina, thank you so much for taking time out to do this posting and tutorial:) For people like me who are technique challenged, this is sooooo helpful!!!! Hugs from Oklahoma :)

  4. That is a cute layout there. Unfortunately I only make cards but I can use some of these ideas-modified ofcourse. I love the flower -its a new take on an old standby!!!

  5. Your layout is sooo pretty Delaina! I really love the colors, and your stitching rocks!