Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Designer Showcase: Mini Albums

Do you like creating mini albums? If so I have a bunch of mini albums to share made by the contributors! I hope these inspire you!!

First up is Heather! She created this adorable bird album. She also included her journaling, so you can read what is says inside. :)

Ronnie: Bringing home coffee for me because you know I like it. Playing with the kids when you are tired from work. Holding Lady in the recliner. (Our dog who has cancer and loves to be cuddled.) No doubt about it, You are "tweet"!

Bubba: (Brandon) You give the biggest hugs and the "tweetest" kisses. My heart melts when you smile at me. You hug your sisters and Dad daily! You're the "tweetest"!

Alexis: You adore your brother and love playing with Jordan too. You always thank me for making dinner. Such a "tweet" heart.

Heather: (Me) I'm "tweet" too! I love doing little things to make the kids and Ronnie happy. I love reading stories and singing songs to my "tweet" hearts.

Jojo: (Jordan) You give everyone hugs and kisses. You tell me, "I belong to you." You sing like an angel, and your smile brings sunshine to our lives. You're "tweeter" than sugar! "Tweet" little girl.

Back cover: No doubt about it, the Landrys are super "tweet"!

Nancy created this adorable Easter mini album! What a great way to capture this memory and it turned out so pretty for the occasion!

is sharing a few different beautiful albums with us! The first album is a chipboard album Cathy made for her cousin to document the first year in the life of her baby daughter.

Cathy created this really cool "just for me" mini album! She had this to say about it,"Just for Me is an album I created for myself as an art journal of sorts. It has sections named motivate, expressive, My faith, goals and worth. Within each section I have photos, quotes, or memories related to that topic as well as paper for jotting notes and envelope pages to tuck away special items that I want to save."

Lastly, Cathy is sharing a Christmas album! "Christmas Traditions" is a mixed media album (chipboard, acrylic and felt) that she made to record a number of the traditions that we have at the Christmas holiday.

Dolores created this beautiful house themed album! Look at how cute it is with the windows and roof!! Great ideas!

Cindy created this cool album for her son's teacher all about the kids and what they did this year! What a great gift idea!!!

Do you want to share your favorite mini album with readers? Send me an email at and I will feature your projects!


  1. Such a gorgeous projects, Ladies!
    Lots of inspiration, thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Those are fabulous mini albums! What a talented bunch of ladies!

  3. Everyone's albums are so gorgeous! Thank you so much for the inspiration girls!