Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Chipboard Fun

I have lots of naked chipboard lying around so I am forever looking for fun new ways to use it. For this layout I decided to make my chipboard look like rusted enamel. You know that old piece of patio furniture you have, the one that has seen many rainstorms, like that.

For this technique you will need distress ink in the desired final color and a brown(I used frayed burlap), clear embossing powder, a heat gun, and your chipboard. An inking tool also is helpful.

Begin by inking your chipboard in the desired color. Next, sprinkle clear embossing powder over the ink. The next step is what changes the overall texture of the embossing, hold the chipboard upside down and flick it hard to release some of the powder from the ink.

Here you can see that there are areas of chipboard that are colored, but not holding any embossing powder.

After heating the powder, just till it turns clear, wait for it to fully cool and then work some of the brown ink into the cracks. Working the brown down into the chipboard is what gives it the rusted look.

At this point, if you like, you can go over the piece with a paper towel or cloth to pick up any extra brown ink. Then apply to your project.

If you have a fun chipboard technique that you would like to share, I would love to know it. I still have boxes of naked chipboard lying around. hee hee


  1. Nice page and I love the final look of all your distressing. Have you ever tried the distress embossing powder?

  2. Hi Marlene. Yes, I have used the distressed embossing powder and did a chipboard technique tutorial using it last week.

  3. Gorgeous Nancy! I really need to get better at embossing!!! You make me wish that I was better at distressing!

  4. Beautiful letters. I'll definitely have to try this :)

  5. That looks wonderful, thanks for sharing!