Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome Our Newest Contributoring Artist!

Hello everyone! Today I am introducing a new contributing artist! But first we have to say goodbye to Sarah. She has done such a great job contributing for the past seven months and we will miss her. Good luck Sarah :)

Our newest contributing artist is Lisa Blastick! We are thrilled to have her :) She has this really really cool style and I know her posts will inspire you!! Lisa was previous featured artist, so you can read her intro here to learn more about her! You can also view her gallery here: Kaye222. I asked her some fun questions to get to know her better:

1. What is your favorite aspect of scrapbooking?
I love knowing that my memories we will be passed down to my next generation...with wonderful journaling to go with all the photos. I also love the designing aspect of scrapbooking because it lets me express color and beauty.

2. What products/kit clubs are a must have for you?
I love prima flowers and I also love being a pert of because i have had so support and inspiration there.

3. How many pages do you think you completed in 2009? Was it more or less than you wanted?
I really don't go by how many pages i complete a year. Some weeks my imagination goes well for new designs and then others it is in a bit of a rut.

4. Is there any secret advice on how you complete your pages?
I decide of colors first and then i work in photo that i have already. Some ideas come out of the blue and then others are inspired by other scrappers.

5. Name 5 of your favorite fonts.
I love lucida handwriting, popstar autography, ma sexy, scriptina and Party LET.

Here are two favorite pages by Lisa :)

Welcome Lisa! We are so lucky to have you!!