Friday, June 18, 2010

Introducing Our Featured Artist for June 18!

Is it me or is this summer totally flying by?? It's Friday again and time for another fabulously talented featured artist. Today's artist has a really great style and pages that inspire me! I love the way she uses color and shapes on her pages. Totally cool!! The idea she is sharing today is really innovative! Please check out her blog to see more of her work: Let's get to know Sara!!

I am so very honored that Pam has asked me to be a Featured Artist on her wonderful blog! My name is Sara Zenger and I have lived in the same area of Northern New York for my entire life - 30 years! There is something about 'Small Town' USA that has made my husband of 9 years and I want to stay and raise our 6 year old son in. We are close to both of our families and enjoy the feeling of ‘being home’. I am a full time working girl outside of the home, as the manager for my parents' convenience store. This is a business that my parents have owned and grown for 30 years and its very much a part of who I am.

However, 5 years ago I tapped in to my more creative side when I started scrapbooking and soon it became a full time hobby! I started to try and make a little money to support my habit and to show others how much fun and rewarding scrapbooking could be. I started offering 'Scrap N Chat Days' at local community centers one Saturday per month. These days have done more for me that I ever could have imagined! I am amazed at how many women came to me wanting to scrapbook but did not know how or where to start and once they gave it a try they have never looked back! I have met many wonderful people and made so many friends that mean the world to me. It makes me feel so good to know that I have helped so many women!

My Scrap N Chat Days still continue but now I have converted my garage in to a scrapbook room for 24 girls to come and enjoy with me! I am currently preparing to host my 7th weekend long retreat! My very first retreat had 12 girls in attendance and I was thrilled with that but as of my last retreat we were up to 72 girls and still growing! It just goes to prove that there are scrapbookers everywhere, even in small towns! I recently started my blog ( in hopes to inspire others to try something new and give them creative ideas. Recently, I was selected to me a member of the Practical Scrappers Design Team which has been a wonderful experience. I am happy to spread their word of using what supplies we have! I am excited to continue my scrapbook journey because I really enjoy the creativity and documenting my family’s story.

I will be posting her neat idea in a bit, so check back really soon! :) :)

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