Thursday, June 24, 2010

Zip Dry Glue

I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve been looking for glue that does nearly everything for a while now! A friend of mine recommended that I try Zip Dry, but I couldn’t find it in my local stores. I posted on a scrapbook message board about how I wanted to try it, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to pay the shipping to get it! In a quirk of fate, Karen (who works at Beacon Adhesives) read my post and emailed to offer me a bottle.

Before I got my bottle, she also passed along a tip from Mike (The Beacon Glue Guy). “The best way to keep Zip Dry caps clear is to not store it with the application cap. After you are done using the glue, let the cap drain into the bottle, unscrew it and store it with the flat cap. To clean out the application cap, I usually shove a popsicle stick into the cap and let the remaining glue dry onto the wood. The next time I use it, I yank out the stick and the dried glue comes out with it. The glue won’t stick to the inside of the cap too well.”

I loved the glue from the first time I used it! It dries so fast you won’t believe it. It bonded burlap to paper, photos to glitter paper, buttons to paper, and so much more. It even holds those big, bulky Prima flowers down! It is acid and lignin free and archival safe. My favorite part about the glue was the fact that my paper and photos didn’t wrinkle like other wet glues. I really didn’t believe that part of the description on their website, but let me tell you it is true! It dries very clear, and none of it showed through on my project at all.

In the layout above, I used Zip Dry to adhere the burlap to the paper base of my layout. Then I used the Zip Dry again to adhere the photo to the burlap. You can see that there was no wrinkling or warping of the photo or the background paper. I also used it to adhere the chipboard bird.

In this layout, I used the Zip Dry to adhere my photos to the glittered cardstock that is so famously hard to stick things to. I had no problems! It bonded quickly, and hasn’t peeled off like so many other glues do with the glittered cardstock. I also used it to adhere the Pink Paislee fabric strip. It didn't bleed through the fabric, and it holds really well.

*Please note that I have not been compensated in any way for this review. Beyond the original RAK of the bottle of glue, I am not getting anything out of this review other than sharing a super cool product with my fellow scrapbookers!*


  1. Thank you! I too have been wanting to test out different glues ... mono doesn't always hold; my liquid ones seep thru everything; so nice to hear of a glue someone likes!

  2. I love zip dry. It really is becoming my go to adhesive. Thanks for the review.

  3. I don't like Zip Dry myself because of the smell but that said, I recommend it ALL the time in my classes--it is easy to use, easy to clean, if you make a boo-boo you can remove stuff, and it holds anything. I like to call it "cool hot glue".

  4. We found this amazing adhesive for our brand new scrapbook store 5 years ago just as we were opening. We have used dozens of different adhesives over the years but since finding and using ZD we have never gone back. Truth is that other than one tape roller, a glue pen and glue sticks we sell only ZipDry in the shop with the other amazing Beacon Products like One Step Decopage, Glitter Glue, FabriTac, etc. I am so glad you have found it and have given it the shout out it so deserves!

  5. I LOVE and use this adhesive all the time. It is great to use for putting together boxes and bags that you have made. Much stronger than ATG or Snail. Thanks for posting!

  6. Hi, we would like to possibly feature your project in the Beacon Adhesives Trade Show Booth at this upcoming 2011 CHA Show. Please call me - John Burns @ 800-865-7238 X307