Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scrapping Bad Photos

It's a common problem: What do you do when you want to scrapbook an event, but the pictures are terrible?

Last fall, my son Trevor and I participated in a fitness event called SoFitCity, a friendly competition amongst the cities in our county to see who would win the title for having the most participants do one of the runs.  Trevor and I did the Family Fun Run.  Obviously, running and photography don't go together all that well.  We bumped into a friend right before the start and had her take a picture of us together wearing our race numbers.  During the race, I zoomed ahead of Trevor at one point to take a picture of him running.  Then I stopped running near the end so I could fall back and take a picture of him about to cross the finish line.  None of the pictures turned out great and I only had the three, but I really did want to document the event. My solution was to print them small, group them together, and keep the layout really, really simple.

It's not the greatest layout ever, but it's in the album and the memory is recorded, despite the mediocre photos.

What do you do when the only photos you have of an event are lousy?


  1. I think the photos are awesome, Cindy! And I know that Trevor will love the page! It's adorable!

  2. This is what scrapbooking is about...preserving cherished memories and your sweet layout certainly does that. I really like it and the photos are perfect.