Monday, January 23, 2012

Retro Scrapping

Although, I admire chronologicial scrappers, I am an all-over-the-place scrapper. I didn't start scrapbooking until my kids were merging into adulthood so a lot of my projects are Retro (as opposed to Heritage which would be from a different era). My scrapbooks reflect my scattered approach, most of them are a potpourri of my work mixing old and new pictures. The exception is an ongoing project of pages that reflect my kids' "cute-isms".
Needless to say, since I often scrap backwards a picture of the specific event is not available. Another problem I encounter is that my twenty something kids' childhoods were pre-digital cameras, film and development expenses meant that we didn't take as many pictures as we do now. It would be nice to be able to jump in the time machine and go back for the perfect shot, if you hear of a way to do that please let me know. On the possible side, when remembering something cute, don't let missing an exact photo from the event stop you. Just find a photo from same period of time and use journaling to tell the story. The picture on the first layout is from about the same time as the subject matter. 
 Slide out journaling reads: To help prepare Kyle for the arrival of a sibling I took him to a prenatal visit. The doctor let Kyle hear the baby's heartbeat and asked what he thought. Kyle said, "I remember being in my mama's belly". The doctor asked what did you do in there? Without hesitation Kyle replied "think".

The next example uses a picture of the exact day, but you can't always have a camera ready for the money shot - use what you do have.
The last example is from an incident that I did have a camera at the perfect time and place and the picture tells the story.

If you spend time with small kids, take a few seconds to WRITE DOWN their cute-isms, they are easy to forget.  Save up those pearls because Retro Scrapping is an excellent way to reminisce.


  1. I'd never thought about the difference between retro and heritage scrapping! Very nice layouts.

  2. OMG Marlene - you are so right! These precious "cute-isms" are so memorable, yet so easy to forget! There are so many that I did not jot down and now wish I had. What a great message!