Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Designer Showcase: Favorite Layouts/Projects from 2011

Happy Wednesday, it's Pam here and this is my first post here on this blog in 2012! Yay!  I am doing the designer showcase for a very special post. I posted my favorite layouts from 2011 a couple of weeks ago here. If you haven't yet, you really should go through you own projects and layouts and find your favorites from last year, it is sooo fun!
I asked the contributors to share some of their favorite layouts/projects from 2011 and today, for the designers showcase, I will be sharing their pages. I will share half and then next week I will share the other half!

Heather send me three great pages. I think you will why see why each page is special to her. The way she captures each moment is great and inspired me! Here are Heather's favorite pages from last year!

Cathy is sharing some of her favorite layouts and projects. I love looking at the work people have created in the past and I adore these projects. Each one is special and unique and captures her cool style perfectly! :)

Vicky is sharing some favorites layouts/projects as well that really capture her style and range of scrapbooking!  I think it's easy to understand why these are her favorites as they have such beautiful qualities to each one!

Last for today are four favorite layouts by Nancy. I think you will enjoy seeing all of the techniques she used on her four favorites! I can see why these are her favorites... they capture her children in an amazing way!

Don't forget to tune in next week when I share more contributor favorites! Have a great day!


  1. Wow - these are some amazing projects. So much inspiration in one spot!

  2. These are some of my favorites of theirs as well!

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