Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Where Should we Eat?"

From the time Trevor was a baby, his favorite restaurant has been the local Mongolian BBQ place, Dynasty.  He loves to watch the chef cook our food on the giant grill surface, so it should be no surprise that he started calling the restaurant "The Place that Cooks Your Food."  And it shouldn't come as any surprise to you parents out there that we now call it the same thing.  None of us have called it Dynasty in about 4 years.   

Over a period of about six months, I took photos of Trevor's favorite restaurants (The Place that Cooks Your Food, The Volcano Place, The Peanut Place, and Chevy's) as we visited them.  I wasn't sure what the resulting layout would look like, but I knew I'd want a lot of journaling to tell the stories of where he loves to eat and what names he's given to each restaurant.   Here's what I made:

It's not the most beautiful layout ever, but I love that I've recorded these memories for Trevor.  I wish I had pictures and stories about my favorite restaurants from when I was a kid.  Have any of you scrapped your family's favorite restaurants?  Give it a try- I'm really glad I did.


  1. Great idea! We've moved around so much that things have changed. But I should make a note of past favourites, even without the pictures. And definitely something to keep in mind from now on!

  2. Really cute post Cindy! I have scrapped a few places to eat. Especially from Disney World!

  3. I could tell that we’re on the same interest and obsession. Good to know someone I could share my ideas. Looking forward to know and learn some more from you. I'll be glad to share my own thoughts to you soon. Thank you for sharing such valuable articles. More power!

  4. This is a great idea, will have to do this!