Thursday, October 21, 2010

Contributor Appreciation Day - Dolores and Nancy

Hello everyone, are you having a nice Thursday? Today we are celebrating two more contributors for the blog! If you didn't get a chance please read day 1 to see who we honored! As I stated before, I love to honor these hard working contributors! So please leave a comment to help me celebrate these contributors :)

Up first is a super talented scrapbooker! She has always been so sweet and so helpful! I am so happy to call her my friend! She began contributing on Jan. 31! I am so glad she has been with the blog for so long! It's time honor Dolores Schaeffer!

She creates beautifully, graphic inspired pages that always have that extra something! I love the way she always uses punches and die cuts for the perfect pages! I so want to go over and scrap with Dolores! You can see her absolutely gorgeous pages on her blog here or her gallery here. Dolores also creates the most beautiful templates, you can see them under the right- hand side bar under "Contributor's Template." It's time to honor Dolores by sharing some of my favorite posts by her! Check these out :)

  • I am absolutely in love with the Swirl Heat Template that Dolores made! It fits the photos so well and so very creative. Check out her post here!
  • In this next post, Dolores shares her creativity with punches! If you haven't seen this post yet, just check it out here. There is some great inspiration in this post!
  • This next post using letters as frames is a brilliant idea! I love that she put the photos inside the letters! You can see the post here.
  • Dolores shared with us a NEAT kaleidoscope page idea! This is seriously creative, so you have to check out her post!
  • Next, Dolores shares how to do easy paper weaving. This post and page turned out so neat! See her post here.
  • I adore this Ribbon Template that Dolores created. I think it is so versatile and you can use for so many themes! Click here for link to download template!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dolores for being such a great contributor and sharing so much of your talent with the blog!


Next up is a very talented and super sweet artist! I have gotten to be friends with her over the past few months and she is always so helpful with the blog. She was introduced on April 20, 2010! I am lucky to have her come on board.. So, here is the artist, Nancy Keslin!

If you check out her blog, you will see that she always uses lots of super fun patterns and colors on her pages! I always know when I am looking at a page by Nancy because she has such a beautiful distinct design style - check out her blog here and her gallery here! She also designs for Sassy Lil' Sketches and they are lucky to have her as well! Time to share some of my favorite posts by Nancy! :)

  • One of her first posts was packing for a crop! I thought this was such a useful post b/c some of us never know what quite to pack. This has also been a very searched post :) You can see it here.
  • I love this post on chipboard alchemy! This is such a clever way to use those chipboard pieces. You can check out the technique tutorial here.
  • Nancy shares with us even more chipboard fun!! I love all of the ideas for chipboard, Isn't she creative? Check out the original post here.
  • Here Nancy shares with us how to use UTEE and puffy paint! Oh so clever, you can see original post here!
  • This next idea is about distressing! Nancy shows us a great way to distress paper.. click here to see her neat post idea!
  • Nancy shows us how to color with pencils which gives it that airbrushed look. I especially love this b/c I have never tried to apply with q-tip! See post here!

Nancy, thanks you sooo much for being such a vital part of the blog! We all appreciate you sharing your artwork and techniques with us!


  1. You girls are so awesome! I love your work and your individual styles. I really enjoy learning from both of you!

  2. awesome CA members, you all do an amazing job & love the different styles you all showcase

  3. Wooot! Wooot! You gals are such a huge part of this blog; This blog is a wealth of information!!! A must visit every day! Thank you so much for your amazing contributions!

  4. You two are amazing and I'm so thrilled to be working with you! Thanks so much for all that you do!