Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hand Made Date Reminders

I know how much trouble I have remember everyone's birthday and anniversaries so I created these two fun paper date reminders to help me.

I created the first one out of a Rolodex!  I covered the divderers with coordinating papers and add a bit of emblishements. The rolodex left plenty of room to add more dates over time.

I created the second one my tracing a large tag on to different cardstock papers and attached them togther with a ring clip.   I also made the lined paper on the printer to write all my dates down.  This one is very easy and fun to make!!!

Both of these make great gifts!!!

Happy Scrappin!


  1. that is an awesome idea... keep it in the craft room & have it to reference what cards need to be made for the next month..u can be a step ahead! GREAT TIP!

  2. Great idea. They just keep getting better and better. I'd like to see one on tips for embellishing. Like how people add glitter to wings or the tips of flowers. Or how they color backgrounds on images or stacking embellishments. etc. etc etc. I'm so not very good at these things.

  3. This is a great idea...i was just belly aching about not being able to remember this morning :)

  4. An advantage of Role-a-dex, is that if info changes you can just add to the card or replace it. I have a similar system for my address book.

  5. Ms Jen - I will make my next demo on adding glitter to things!! Thanks for the suggestion!


  6. Sara, Such a neat idea to use a Rolodex! Functional and pretty! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!