Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trend Report 2013 - Part 1

Hey all it's Pam! I am doing my second annual trend report for scrapbooking. These trends may be new or old, as you will see.. some trends are timeless and so I will highlight those as well. We do have some fun new ones as well, so get ready to see some fabulous inspiration from our contributors! If you are interested, here is last years reports:  trend report Part 1 and  trend report Part 2. This year I am going to split this into three parts because we have some many trends.

Our first trend Washi tape has been around for a few years, but it has really picked up in the past year. Washi tape is the cool translucent tape which you can tear off and use in a bunch of ways. You can use to hold things down on your page, as a decorative strips of paper, or to cover the top of something as Cindy did in her layout below. I actually do not have any Washi tape yet, but I have seen it in person and I am so tempted to buy it! Here are some great examples of Washi tape used!

Altered Tin by Cindy deRosier (used to cover outside)

"Just gorgeous" by Sheila Burns

"Happy Mother's Day" by Tanya Ham

"Cool" Lesley Walker

This next trend is sort of a new one. I have seen so many pie charts pop up on patterned papers and people use those designs on their designs. I think it's such a neat idea for a page. You can use it a design element OR as a real pie chart with parts marked off as a percentage of something. Here two examples of this. The second example is like a pie chart flipped inside out. Cool huh?

"The 1st Flower of Spring" by Sharon Fritchman

"I smiled with the Risin' Sun" by Sharon Fritchman

I adore this next trend. I am loving that paper clips are used and sold more specifically for scrapbooking. There are some fun ones with ribbons on the end that I love to use. You will see it on my example below. In two of these examples you will see other ways to fasten things. For instance, on Sheila's page, she uses stitching to adhere everything. So cool! Gael uses eyelets and ribbon. Wait til you see these pages!

"Pucker Up" by Sheila Burns

"Biker Chicks" by Sharon Fritchman (sewing)

"Milford Sound" by Gael Spence (eyelets)

"Days Like This" by Pam Callaghan

Another big trend this year is arrows. I have seen a ton of hand cut and die cut arrows incorporated in layouts lately. This is a great trend because arrows really help draw attention to whatever you want on your project. Let's look as these examples to get a feel for this!

"A Boy's Story by Lesley Walker

"Creating" by Sharon Fritchman

"Managua" by Marlene Murphy

"8 Months" by Pam Callaghan

Another trend that saw a big comeback the past year is burlap. It was originally very popular when shabby chic was first around back around 2005. I started to see more and more of again, which is great. It adds so much texture and dimension to pages! As you will see below burlap is a great alternative to patterned paper!

"Lookin' Good" by Marlene Murphy

Altered project by Sheila Burns

"Love" by Sharon Fritchman

Scrabble tiles is another trend that has made a comeback in the recent years. I think it adds such a cool lettering option to titles. I have always love the game Scrabble and how each tile had a number.. you will see how versatile this trends is on these next batch of layouts :) .

"My Guy" by Dolores Schaeffer

"Ship Wreck" by Gael Spence

With the invention of instagram for cell phone and tablets, we have seen a huge increase in lots of little photos on layouts. People are printing their instagram photos and using them directly on their pages. Remember little photos doesn't have to be limited to instagram! People who always used large photos or just a few, now may be tempted to try lots of photos. Let's see some examples!

"Cutie" by Gael Spence

"Happy Little Boy" by Lesley Walker

"Epcot" by Sharon Fritchman

"UFC 143" by Tanya Ham

"Alameda County Fair" by Cindy deRosier

I hope you are inspired to create some new projects with this trend report today. CHECK BACK in the next two weeks to find out what are more trends in the scrapbook world :)

Cathy Dippolito
Dolores Schaeffer
Cindy deRosier
Marlene Murphy
Lesley Walker
Gael Spence
Sarah Routledge
Sharon Fritchman
Tanya Ham
Sheila Burns
Pam Callaghan


  1. Love this update, Pam! I will be looking forward to the next two parts!

  2. Great look at these hot trends! Can't wait to see the next installments.

  3. Oh yes I have seen lots of these around on layouts! I love seeing the new things come up it makes scrapping more interesting, especially arrows for boys layouts which I find harder to do!! thanks for the update, look forward to the next one!

  4. Loved seeing this update, Pam! You did a fabulous job bringing this together, and I am looking forward to seeing all of the "episodes!"